December 28, 2006

Movie Ticket Prices Slashed

Regarding the recent announcement from Govt of Tamilnadu that movie ticket prices slashed in Tamilnadu. I do not have any objection (as if my objection matters) to slashing the movie ticket prices…many movies aren’t worth the money anyway.


However, few points:

  1. Recently, Govt of Tamilnadu gave entertainment tax concessions to Tamil Movie titles that were in pure Tamil. As far as my knowledge goes, whenever they used to announce entertainment tax cuts, the price of the movie ticket would fall. However, I didn’t see any movie halls actually slashing the price. So, what did the Govt aim to achieve with the tax cut?
  2. When such a tax cut already exists, what is the necessity to slash the ticket prices?
  3. All those extra collections during the tax cut, whose benefit was not passed on to the normal “visiladichan front bencher”, are going to be accounted for or what?
  4. Where does the consumer figure in all this?
  5. From a socio-economic point of view, where is the Govt trying to take the common man by providing free gas cylinder, free TV, less costlier movie tickets, rice at 2Rs/Kg, loan-waivers from co-operative banks, and such populist schemes? Doesn’t Karunanidhi want “below poverty liners” to come up at all?

October 26, 2006


  • La Marina - New foodcourt opened in Chennai City Center. A welcome addition, and a good choice of cuisines.
  • To buy tamil books in Chennai, I found a few shops - Higginbothams (Mount road), Vidloka (Mylapore Bheemasena Garden Road), Bharathi Puthagalayam (Bang opposite a lane leading from Anna Arivalayam's side entrance - near Eldams Road), Manimegalai Pathipagam (TNagar), Kannadasan pathipagam (TNagar), Landmark (Nungambakkam, Spencer Plaza and City Center), Odyssey, A book shop on South Usman Road (opp Chennai Silks)
  • A decent 2 Bedroom flat for rent in Triplicane - supposedly center of Chennai - is available for well under Rs 7500, while at places like Velacherry, Thuraipakkam, Sholinganallur, Perungudi - some of the fag-ends of Chennai -, you get decent 2 Bedroom houses for minimum Rs 8000. (Those who argue in favour of these fag-ends, please visit areas like Triplicane,Mylapore to see stuffs like water-not-getting-logged, full voltage at all times, reachability, accessibility to many amenities, multiple facilities)
  • Radhakrishnan Salai alone gets a facelift - all platforms are being re-laid again with newer type of pavement stones. (Just a year back the pavements were laid with high cost aesthetic stones)
  • Chennai Police gets 100 NYPD style cars to be stopped at traffic intersections and cause further chaos
  • A rough guesstimate of high-class luxury buses running on dilapidated Chennai roads - TCS-100, Infosys - 20, Satyam-19, CTS-70, Polaris - 20, Xansa-10, Wipro-40...key IT companies themselves contribute around 500 buses. Add another 500 or so of school/college bus fleet. Come on, guys! Have you heard of collaboration? Our Chennai roads cant handle this kind of heavy weight traffic. Try something innovative, and help ease burden on our roads.
  • All the new roads being laid - like IT highway or bye-pass roads do not have provision at all for something called pavement or platform.
  • So-called Spencer Plaza needs to be renamed ChickunGunya Plaza. Try coming out via Phase-2 gate, you will know what I mean
  • Guindy Industrial Estate - all those IT Companies complaining of poor roads and infrastrucuture...have you ever heard of something called self-sufficiency and community sponsor development.
  • Welcome news! CITU starting Workers Associations/Unions for IT employees in some of the Indian States. High time, one is needed. I imagined starting one 7 years back. Atleast at a level in one company. All the tall-talkers disappeared, when I tried to moot the idea through signature campaign. Such is IT industry courage.


  • Vijayakanth's DMDK garnered 3% of votes this local body elections. Amma says "what is so great in 3%? Even MDMK got so much votes."
  • Amma says DMDK is as worthless as MDMK? VaiKo - Please note. Time to do a Thirumavalavan?
  • Being in an alliance with a larger party doesnt necessarily mean advantage. DMDK stood alone and got 3%; while MDMK also got 3% only, even after aligning with a bigger party like ADMK. Was there any point in either the DPI or MDMK to side with larger parties?
  • ADMK says DMK unleashed violence in local polls. DMK says didnt ADMK do it in 2001. The level of violence/abuse is not as sporadic as in 2001.
  • And for you and me, we listen to both these statements as mute spectators completely impotent and incapable to do anything at all.
  • "I wont vote then" attitude doesnt help too, because someone will cast the vote anyway.
  • Democracy in Tamilnadu sucks

October 15, 2006

Random midnight channel surfing

(written on Friday but posted only today)

I happened to be awake yesterday night – Thursday night – without the pressure of having to wake up early on Next Day morning. No MCity – courtesy Local Body Polls!

I was curious to know what was running in the multiple channels at this point of time…interesting mix in  this random midnight channel surf


Vijay TV -- Pandit Guruprasad was explaining multiple doshas and the pariharams for the same…of course, he wasn’t covering “jaladosha”

Raj TV – a hip in tight close-up filled with all sweats; no it wasn’t midnight masala hot songs, but Teleshopping network’s “sauna belt” ad feature

A serial – yes a Mega serial right in the middle of night on Sun TV, and DD national giving them a company with another Mega Serial

A telugu/kannada dubbing movie with Saranraj as the perennial policeman – KTV

Jeyalalitha rebuking the entire Karunaidhi clan – Needless-to-say-where

FTV - A good coverage of a lingerie show (no pun intended)

Jeyyam Ravi expressing his “something, something”  for Trisha on Sun Music

Some real people issue was being discussed in Makkal TV (am pretty much impressed with quality of programs on this Channel…but that’s a difft post altogether)

Mohanlal, in a veshti, chasing a Mundu girl, while singing from his nose…that’s Kiran TV for you

While Chandrababugaaru trying to garner some glory on Teja News, someone trying to kill someone on Ushe TV, while in realit, actually killing us – the viewers

Abhishek bachan wooing Rani Mukherjee, while Susmita Sen looks on in one of those numerous pulp fictions from Hindi moviedom on Sahara One

While NDTV was sensationalizing a Gibbs’s Inquiry, CNN-IBN was busy sensationalizing cricketer Gibbs’s questioning, and the flash news on both channels were the same stuff in active and passive voices

And Headlines Today was provided a coverage of  Gibbs involvement being queried by Delphi Police. Not to be left behind was the Times Now

It was an old hindi movie on SAB T.V.

And POGO was busy showing for the nth time, the mth fall of some “chappai-mookku” chinky on Takeshi’s castle

On Raj Digital Plus, namma Super Thatha Rajinikanth was torturing his grand daughter Nayanthara, over a song sequence in the snow covered peaks, where only thing that wasn’t covered was Nayanthara’s hip and leg region…elsewhere she was wrapped in a sari – thankfully for her

A Julia Roberts classic on Sony PIX, and a Godman reading something from a some religious gospel on Daystar.

SS Music had switched on their regular English collection – repeat play. The GOD channel had a similar sounding choir.

Good old Donald Duck providing some laughter on Toon Disney, while a bald man was recommending “buy and hold” on Satyam shares

DD Sapthagiri had a rerun of a rerun of a rerun; closely followed by a Mallu feeding a gold fish on DD Malayalam

A herbal cure fellow was marketing a nothing-less-than-a-desi-viagra with Ajanta-Ellora cave painting backdrop on Tamizhan TV

And that banian mama was giving a discourse on Samskar channel; Aaj Tak had a reality dance show; it was good to see Shilpa Shetty after a long long time

I didn’t expect Shbha Mudgal’s wonderful song on Zoom TV…I was expecting more raunchy stuff – something like page 3 and a half!

Nothing lot to cover on Telugu channels – most of them were either someone slandering someone, and blood splashing all over the screen – some movie trailer! Or some other trailer, where screen looked like Adobe Photoshop’s color palette – a song and dance sequence where the hero, heroine and supporting cast dancers with their multi-color clothes






October 14, 2006

Dvaitam and tamilnadu

The great Pagutharivu (rationalism) corner of the Indian nation, is today propogating the Dvaita Philosophy vigorously: Courtesy : Kalagangal...oops...kazhakangal!

Here are the prominent Dvaita principles in vogue today:
  • Jeya or Mu.Ka.
  • Local Election Violence: Sun TV News version of ADMK inciting violence or Jaya TV news version of DMK arajakam
  • Namitha in a club dance for Karunanidhi on Sun TV or Mumtaj in a cutpiece dance for Jayalalitha on Jaya TV. (seriously, I can emphathise Namitha dance for a 80+ year old male, but a Mumtaj cabaret for a lady...)
  • Its Thirumavalavan in DMK or ADMK alliance
  • Anbumani Ramadoss always meddling AIIMS or JIPMER
  • Dead people in Tamilnadu are either Death due to mosquito illnss (according to JJ) or death due to natural causes (according to Kalaignar) like mosquito illness
  • Its either Chikungunya or Dengue (but the great advaita point here is both are cause by Kosu)
  • Namitha in Kumudam or Vikatan (again advaita: sometimes in both)
  • Its either O. Paneerselvam or Vai. Ko. for JJ
  • M.K. Stalin or Dayanidhi Maran for MK
  • Thatha Rajinikanth always has as heroine: an ilamchittu or a puthumottu
  • and forever, it is MGR or Sivaji, Rajini or Kamal, Ajith or Vijay, Vikram or Suriya, Simbu or vambu, Bharat or Arya....

Think the representative list is enough in itself. Thamizhanukku soranaiyay kedaiyaathu!!!

October 08, 2006

FM Formula 2.0

‘Till sometime, we had to be content with Radio Mirchi and Suriyan FM doling out “Oru maalai”, “Manjal Veyyil”, and “Namma kaatula” at least 3 times a day. Now 3 more have got added – Big FM, BBC + someone else JV FM and Radio City, which means we get to hear the same songs atleast more times in a day. Oh gosh! My life has been touched upon benevolently by the angels of entertainment media….

That’s exactly the outcome of these FM channels. No real difference in the content, no big difference in the presentation format.

Same dial-in :

“hello sollunga…unga radio volume konjam kammi pannuga” (Eng: hello, speak…reduce your radio volume)

“ethanai pasanga” – for elderly sounding people (Eng: how many kids?)

“enna padikireenga?” – for younger voices (Eng: what are you studying?)

“innikki enna samayal?” (Eng: what has been cooked today?) – wonder why they want to know?

“yaarukku intha paattu dedicate panreenga?” (Eng: whom do you want to dedicate this song to?)

And then the caller will basically pick his/her telephone book and start reading out the names.

A little variation to this dial-in is the caller’s entire family or friends circle will say “hello, very happy to have got through to the call”

Today FM Channel is like the archaic formula-based Tamil Masala Movie (5-songs, 2 fights, 1-dance and a Dhadha)…

Evolving a formula to help future FM Channels :

  1. throw in a few dial-ins, some really stale jokes,
  2. must have a signature line for the channel name like “sema hottu machi”, “aadalam paadalaam odalaam”
  3. a standard signature tune, announce again and again the name of the FM Channel – as if it matters
  4. choose a frequency like some2/3digit number point some 1-digit number
  5. RJ guys have to necessarily talk in Madras Bashai, act completely stupid. However, if you are presenting a prog in the late night, you should talk absolutely slow and as much as possible in “thoo….ya tamil”, and play the standard “Mike Mohan” songs, along with worses…sorry…verses composed by breaking a sentence (mavanay, unnai maathiri aalukku death sentence kodukkanumda…)
  6. RJ Girls should speak Tamil in the ratio of 5:1 – 1 Tamil word for every 5 English words, should have an artificial elevated enthusiasm in the voice, get excited for every word uttered by the caller, and of course, must ask irrelevant questions to callers in a dial-in program.
  7. traffic updates(like at 9am announcing, it is crowded near Kathipara – well, what else did one expect), weather updates
  8. run only mostly latest songs – doesn’t matter they sound good or bad
  9. home kurippugal (homemaker tips) like mix hot water and cold water to bring down temperature of the water, the RJ must definitely gush and say “haiyo…romba super”
  10. every one who has shown their face or any other part (like the actor who showed his hand, in left top corner of the screen with a monkey god makeup, who starred in the Ramayan serial) will participate in special “Live show” (now now…don’t get ideas…this is after all an audio medium)
  11. for every 15 mins, stalwarts of Tamil filmdo(o)m like Jeyam Ravi, Silambarasan, Jeeva, Devyani, Namitha (hee hee hee) will have to say “neengal kettu kuttichuvarai poikondiruppathu”…oops…I meant ”neengal kaettu kondiruppathu <fmchannelname><fmchannelfrequencynumber><fmchanneltagline>” (Eng: you are listening to…..)
  12. SMS based voting competition

There you have a FM Radio 2.0 formula! Have fun, go start a new channel.

PS: I have always wondered why is Suriyan FM is popular than other FM channels (proof: all Autos, Travels Cars and even few city Buses), even though there is absolutely no difference in songs or programmes. When I started traveling from MCity to MCity, and started using a FM radio for company, I knew what makes Suriyan FM tick! This is the only FM Channel that comes without any intermittent noise even at MCity.

Maarana, kokka?

September 28, 2006

Impact of SEZs!

Consider this.
While I appreciate and welcome the export-oriented Special Economic Zone that boosts the wider growth of the economy, it has always struck me as "at what cost?".
Taking away the farm lands, and erasing 1000's of acres to build concrete structures - what do we do to counter-balance the ecological, social and economic impact of this?

Taking away acres of farmland for SEZs definitely starts depleting the water table - to start with. It also adversely impacts the flora and fauna of the region. One of the positive solutions could be to make mandatory to create special agri zones - earmarking atleast 20% - within SEZ, to protect farming and provide all modern farming technology available to them. These would include providing amenities like deep bore-wells, water treatment plants.
Social impact of "haves" and "have-nots". Get the SEZ to depend on the agri produce of neighbouring villages. Also, allow for a "Farmer's Supermarket" kind of thing within SEZs. I feel this would start bridging the gaps, and help in local development. Allow for social development by first building schools with help of NGOs - let the corporate companies contribute to this at 100% tax-free; let these schools be vocational centers depending on the kind of industries that come up in the SEZs. Provide employment to atleast one member of every family, if the livelihood is to be affected by the forming of SEZs.
Economic imbalance created by the payout of market-price by the Govt to buy out the property. Any owned piece of land - either as investment or as mere wealth creation for the common locals becomes meaningless. The bureaucratic argument of "this piece of money will help them regain the piece of land elsewhere" may not be very applicable. First thing is the land-value appreciation in nearby areas. One of the solutions, I am thinking here would be to lease the land from the owner at the market price for say - 25 years or so. And renew the lease depending on the situation then - when even P. Chidambaram feels SEZs are paying off.
Prepare for SEZ Co-operative Banks and stores, in the lines of Grameen Banks model. Encourage the units within SEZ to use this bank for their salary accounts et al. Few more points to be added here, I am not clear about this right now.
Now how would we ensure establishing such measures? Any unit within SEZ would become operative only after there is a collective contribution for all of this. Or simply squeeze their u-know-where.

If such steps are not taken, SEZs would become another "Sardar Sarovar".

September 26, 2006

MCity to MCity

I was born and brought up in Triplicane.

Upto 12th Standard, I studied at Triplicane Hindu Senior School. After that, for my UG, I joined Loyola College – hardly 20 mins by bus. Then, I did my PG at Pondicherry University, staying in the hostel. No commutes then. After education, I got a job with S. My first posting was at Alwarpet office, just 10 mins in my TVS Super XL. From there, I shifted to Teynampet. Again, just 15 mins by a vehicle. I grumbled for having to travel up to Chamiers Road to pick up my wife, because it took 20 minutes then to reach home. I fought with HR, when they posted me to Tidel Park. I rejected applying in companies like W, iG, V and all, because they were so far off at Guindy.

Talk about the irony of life. Today I travel all the way up to Chingleput for my new job.

Yes, that’s where my new work place is…from Madras City to Mahindra City, or MCity as it is called. It is just before Chingleput Toll Gate, and just after Singaperumalkoil.

I commute 4 hours daily – minimum. Consider that with 8.5 hours to clock in, excluding a 45 minute break. Throw in the 7.5 hour sleep required daily. And a 45 minutes in the morning “getting ready for office” do. All I am left with is just 3 hours. And I do not want to compromise on those 3 hours – the time I get to spend with my family.

All the tall talks about work-life balance in this IT field is bull. Consider the 3 hours I get with my family. How can I squeeze in a routine of exercise – at least a simple walk - to keep my cholesterol levels down?

Yes, at office, I get to spend only 8 hours, but the long commute given the Madras City Traffic, or the less frequent train journey, it is not very favorable. Of course, the easier solution might seem to relocate to somewhere nearer to a railway station.

So what are the choices of areas do I have for relocation?

Egmore, Central, Park – is ruled out thoroughly – given the high non-residential index (NRI) of these areas.

Chetpet – has off-late become pretty commercial and costly on the better home side, while other areas are pretty much living in water problems.

Nungambakkam, Kodambakkam, T. Nagar – apart from mosquitoes, nothing else is really comfortable. And they have legendary water problems, pollution, noise levels et al. And very heavily congested, and lot of floating population too adds to the woes.

Saidapet, Guindy – lacks proximity to good schooling or off-hand medical facilities.

From St. Thomas Mount onwards, it becomes pretty mofussil Madras, with its own problems ranging from lack of choice of schools – barring a select few, lack of abundance of hospitals, low voltage forever, bad roads, mosquitoes – epitome of Chikunguniya, lack of access to recreational places, lack of eatout places.

So, can’t really contemplate shifting. Have to bear the brunt, and grunt!

September 15, 2006

Impressive Railways

Recently I had to undertake a trip to Bangalore, and I was so lazy to go to a Railway Ticket booking counter, stand there and get the ticket booked. The option of using a travel agent was also not enticing because of 2 reasons: bit high service charges, and no guarantee if the person really understood my requirement and will be able to quickly think and decide.
I had heard of IRCTC:The railways website for internet ticket booking. But the concept of tikcet getting couriered was a little tacky. I decided to check out the site anyway. And oh boy! What a surprise!!
They had introduced eTickets. The booking was a breeze, not too many information request to piss the person off. You could check availability and different ticket, class, seat type combinations. And what more, the ticket can be booked till the time of chart preparation.
The payment is through number of ways including Bank accounts, credit cards. Even EMI options. Yes, EMI options, specifically provided by some banks. A decent internet connection is all you need.
The cancellation and failed payment transaction refund was also a breeze. A confirmation email is sent to you, and the money is safely credited back to you even if a transaction fails.
They even have frequent flier type of thing in the name of "shubh yatra" scheme. Few tieups too. Railways is becoming tech friendly and savvy.
Just cool.
Next time you want to go on a train journey, log on to

September 14, 2006

Seven year itch

Dear S,
Though you were not my dream at first, I was forced to engage with you around eight years back. A year later, we formalised our relationship. It was a relationship, I entered with chastity, loyalty and lot of excitement and expectations.
It was interesting at first. Then slowly started getting drifty and tentative. You know I dont like tentativeness. So I asked for assurance and security. You promised all that, and added new dimensions to me. I felt absolutely great.
You were very supportive too, in my tough times. Like the financial need. Like my father's death. I got so sentimaentally attached to you.
But it is a different fact you didnt have same level of loyalty, nor did you display the fondness I expected from you. The relationship started turning sour.
Do you remember, 2 years back, our relationship got so bad, I wanted to simply walk away? But, you promised me so many things, and we had a change of location. It suited me well.
But then now 7 years have passed, and the 7 year itch has started getting on to me. I cant hold any longer. Every smal;l thing I get so easily agitated and irritated.
I think It is good for us to be separated now. You have so many people in your life now. I do have choices too.
I am getting onto a union with I on Sept 18.
It was a very nice relationship with you. But I want to move on.
Hope life gives the best for both of us.
Take Care
Good Bye!
PS: I recently resigned from my prev employer after a rather long stint at S. And this is my parting letter to S.

Peace unto you PS20!

I just dont know what to blog. This post is for One of our close friends, Shriram fondly remembered as PS20, after his roll number at Loyola College. We did our BSc (Stats) from Loyola College and belong to the "P" batch, and a real "P" in the "A" for our professors.
My son is named after several S(h)rirams I know, who all are very good people and absolutely great human beings. And of these, this PS20 is real special.
PS 20 : a very soft spoken and ever smiling boy.
He made his mark by getting the maximum number of BOOs in our college cultural show Ovations. He made himself famous by falling into the treacherous plot of making him sing "Nila athu vanathu melay", and our percusionist and other instrument players, who went onto to conduct their own piece of music for this song. PS20, not the one to give up so easily, went onto narrate the entire song, and still claimed to us "he actually sang"
Even today, when I called up some of my ex college mates, they remembered him as"yaaru antha kannadi pottundu, vudaama nayagan paattu muzhukka paadinaanay avana?".
When we went to meet him today, he just cudnt sing anything.
Thats because, this guy who joked about how he could get a tumour, when he didnt have brain at all, was in an Ice Box with his famous Smile.
Peace to your soul da.

August 24, 2006

Petrol Rate Hike and our good old Autos

  • Recently I had to take an auto from Adyar to Triplicane, which is just 4 kms. FOr this distance, the auto driver asked me Rs 100. WHen I questioned him the logic, he explained the petrol rates have increased. And that was an Auto running on LPG
  • From Tiruvanmiyur to Triplicane, I was recently asked to pay Rs 80 by another auto driver. He explained petrol rates have increased. I doled the following economy to him,

Currently the rate per KM is Rs 3.50 - as fixed by GovernMENTAL people. Petrol rates have increased around Rs5 per litre. Assuming, an auto (full ottai auto) runs 10KM on a litre petrol, the actual rate hike per KM is just 50 paise. So, the minimum rate is Rs 4.00 per km. Add another rupee for the cost of inflation. So, let us say the minimum rate is Rs 5 per km. From Tiruvanmiyur to Triplicane, it is around 5KMs. So, the actual meter rate should be Rs 25. I was generous enough to add another Rs 15, and pay Rs 40. Auto driver claimed "it is not affordable" (kattu padi aagathunga).

I added a further explanation that a share auto that plies between Tiruvanmiyur and Parrys with just 5 passengers, charges Rs 10 per head; For him, it is affordable at Rs 50 up to Parrys Corner, so why not Triplicane at Rs 40? And a call taxi can drop me at Triplicane for Rs 80, so why not an Auto?

and he said "Moonjai paaru, nalla dress pottukittu irukaan, kandathukku selavu pannuvaan...seriyaana saavugirakki"


Seriously speaking, the premium rate charged by Autodrivers, why should the Government even consider revising the minimum rates.? Does it matter at all?

August 23, 2006

Writer Rajeshkumar does a Kaavya Viswanathan

Recently, I was reading a short story written by famous Tamil Crime Writer Rajeshkumar in the magazine Kungumam. If I recall correctly, this edition was dated August 11 (or was it July 11).

The story is about a couple visiting a relative in Mumbai, who is a big kanjan, and his wife is pretty miserly too. The miserliness is to the point of putting the guests to inconveience. The guest couple go to complain to the hosts, and overhear the hosts talking that they save on every small expense, mainly to send money for helping their poor relatives back home, and that they are not bothered about guests thinking badly ofthem. And the story ends there...

Nice little story, typical of magazines like Kumudam, Kungumam and, very typical of Rajeshkumar to write such simple short stories...

And so ould we think.

This particular story was written and published by Sathyarajkumar under the title Indian in his blog. The only things that have changed are locations, names...

I know Rajeshkumar used to get influenced by several English novels to write his own Crime novels, but never did I think, he would get so "influenced" to do a Kaavya Viswanathan or a Gautaman Bhasakaran.

Enna Rajeshkumar Sir, vera bashai kathai koodava kidaikkalai? Nalla "google" pannunga sir.

April 04, 2006

TV Channel fined for bias in Elections

In Italy, Berlusconi TV fined for bias during election campaign. This is the 4th time, the TV channel being fined for such a bias. I wonder what the "Thyaga chemmal" (meaning in English : Epitome of Sacrifice), the bride from Italy has got to say about the Moronic Minister, his affectionate political party's TV Channel.

March 27, 2006

Bama Vijayam

What a movie!
Simple story, straight narrative, splashed with daily humor, great acting from people like Nagesh, Sowcar Janaki and all other veterans.
The aspiration of the then middle class (today's middle class has a totally different face: different post at a different time) to be up the status and the make overs they do to keep themselves up to the standard. Nice story with a Chandamama ending, we know whats going to happen next. But that doesnt stop us from enjoying whats happening.

KB is just amazing...what knots he had , including the famour three knots (moondru mudichu). Can one forget "Server Sundaram" launching Nagesh as hero, or for that matter the movies that question middle class values like "Aval appadithan". KB is another Jeyakanthan, who directed so many movies with so many varied themes...

All said and done, "Bama Vijayam" is fantastic..."Varavu ettana, Selavu pathana" song makes me laugh and laugh.

March 25, 2006

Thukkada post...

  • Its been three months since I came back to Madras from UK, and am yet to see atleast one sparrow
  • Recently I was reading Kumudam Bakthi. I came across a Q&A section and it was very well answered. The author of this section is ShriVenugopalan. The same ShriVenugopalan writes under another pen name - Pushpa Thangadurai, and writes sensuous stories in Tamil magazines. He wrote a story about Redlight area in Saavi magazine as "En Peyar Kamala" in early 80's, which was sensuation. What contrasting writings from a 65 year old writer!!!
  • Elections are coming, Chennai is getting the roads laid in many places. Its so amazing, the speed at which the infrastructure projects are being completed. The roads also seem to be of better quality. Prior to November floods, no roads were there, and after the floods, we got relief money from Center and several aid agencies. So, these roads are from those relief operation funds? And if that be the case, what happened to all the money that was allocated before floods for building roads? I wonder if there is a scam in waiting.
  • With cine actor Ajith on a slimming mode, he looks more like a person who recently had heavy typhoid fever and is on recuperation stage. It is so scary these days to look at Ajith's poses in the magazines.
  • Triplicane Temple Tank sports a new look and has become a favorite spot for parents to bring their kids to be in touch with real world, for elderly to sit and reminisce, for youngsters to have fun...and there are nice initiatives like planting of saplings and caring for saplings around temple tank and encouraging public to care for them specifying each sapling signifies a birth star. Some nice initiatives to get some nature friendly measures in Triplicane
  • In fact, many parks have been leased to private agencies in Madras, and they are very nicely maintained. Poclets of greenery here and there, and with public using these facilities properly, so that no anti social elements taking charge, it is a welcome change to otherwise greenery starved Madras. Kudos to whoever initiated such good things
  • Ratna Cafe : makers of famous sambar idly, and a very age old organization/eatery in Triplicane is spreading its fold in Madras...they are opening more and more branches. Thats good news for eaters like us. Wish "Mylai Karpagambal Mess" also expands