December 29, 2004

Who is Nero - Ganguly or BCCI chairman?

  • Aussie cricketers donate their second test prize money for Tsunami relief.
  • Muthiah Muralidharan escapes Tsunami narrowly. The report states - He had hoped to join the team for next month's Test series but said it would now be difficult for him to join his team mates.
    "Something like this has never happened in my country," Muralitharan said. "In my opinion it is not the right time for cricket ... there is a lot of organising to do, a lot of feeding people."
  • Srilanka puts the tour on hold...Srilankan cricket board added that all matches, whether international or domestic, would be postponed in recognition of a five-day period of national mourning in Sri Lanka
  • Not wanting to miss the game money and an opportunity to grab a few winning feathers under cap, Indian cricket team and BCCI -- bunch of Nero -- play two successive matches both on Sunday and Monday - day of Tsunami and the next day. They happily gather their prize money, wear a black strap -- like those Dravidian parties, and come hom with a cup.

Do we still need to be crazy and fanatic about cricket?

I only pray God that cine actors and cricketers do not take out a procession or visit the affected areas to offer their "empathy" for the Tsunami victims...

Maybe we are not new to Tsunami...

If people of Madras can recall, the Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore is not in its original location. Initially it was well-behind the place which is now Santhome church. There are legends that sea ate the old temple, and new one was restored in current location.
Next Mahabalipuram, we know that the temples were submerged under sea.
We also know about the stories of Chola kings, how they went on to establish their kingdoms in now known areas like Sumatra, Bali, Java islands. And the legends of sea fury also have been narrated so many times.
Maybe we had all along been in the belt of sea fury - only we were not aware...the tectonic movements rendered the land movement that we currently have the chunk of land called Indian subcontinent.
Can any geophysicist/geologist track such movements? Is there any geographical shift happening? Is South India coastal line becoming one of those furious wave-filled beaches that we have heard in stories?

December 23, 2004

Essex's Perambur - Basildon

(NOTE FOR CYBER PATROL -- Essex is an area/council in UK -- My work location for a year. Hello cyber patrol, don't come behind me because my last post mentioned Trisha, the title of this post contains s*x, Delhi is going to be referred here and am going to write about MMS too…am not 'that' type, okay?)

Essex's Perambur - Basildon -- That's how the place looks like - very lively, and lots of shops around in the day time. When the clock strikes six, the place wears an eerie atmosphere, with pub brats hanging around and giving you stares. Very typical like Perambur. There is even a big bus stand here, and it is a common sight to see buses suddenly arriving one after another, and the correct bus does not stand in the bay. When a driver comes and takes the bus, and you rush to have a seat, the driver says, "I am taking it to the shed…wait till another bus arrives"…well, if you cant draw a parallel to Perambur atleast here, would it interest you to know that a railway station is very close to this bus stand?

Maybe the only difference is that a distance of 14 miles is commuted by the UK driver in nearly 50 minutes, while at Perambur you know the time within which 29c would cover that distance, and also, how many people experience a near death to take a quick peek into their chamber in the upper world, when 29c covers that distance.

Whether it is the UK bus or the MTC bus, skipping stops is not uncommon. Did someone say the British people are known for their punctuality and stuffs like that? The British people know, but the bus drivers don't. Not that there is any traffic hold-up to delay them, but they just take their sweet time - atleast in Basildon. It happens quite often that a bus leaves either before time, or arrives to bus stand/stop very late.

Lots of pubs, workers and the places known for robbery and theft. A sign outside a shop in Basildon's famous shopping center sums it all - "No cash is kept inside the shop." And then, there is a beware card in the bus stand - "Thieves and pickpockets operating in this vicinity". Council is not too active, and it is rumored that the council is known for acts of corruption and swindling of funds/taxpayer's money. But then, the council members have been the long-living members in the area - read local dadhas - and they have their say and way. Recent incident being a local newspaper reporting that council staff seem to taking too many sick leaves, while there has been no instances of any epidemic. They were spotted in pubs.

The train line from London on the entire Basildon line stretch is a bit like North Madras. One would think twice, before thinking twice about looking for a house in these areas. There are few good places around, connected with Basildon by bus. Like Brentwood - I would deem it equivalent to Alwarpet. Posh area, supposed to be housing well-to-do educated families. And then, you have Billericay - like Besantnagar, and there is Wickford - like Mylapore - mix of both good and bad elements.

Am still looking for a house to rent in these areas. Yeah, yeah, I am registered with many letting agents, and also a regular browser of rightmove, primelocation, letalife, teamprop etc…don't give me the same load of information again please.

If any of you happen to know good residential areas on Basildon line itself, pls let me know, so that I can look for a house there. My MMS (Maximum Monthly Spend) limit is 650pounds for a 2 Bedroom.

Later, More on UK,

December 07, 2004

Blogging from UK

Its been 9 days since I landed in Queen's land on the job. (Innikki pathu)
After getting internet connections and sorting out the convenient times for browsing and blogging, here is my post.
It was interesting to see Kiruba's post on Trisha, Karthik's bashing and Cogito Ergo Bala's geeky angle to it all. Followed up Jayendrar's case, looks like lot of things have happened. People like Anuradha Ramanan pouring out her bottled up emotions, and people bashing her for doing so - asking what she was doing so long.

Am to work in a place called Basildon which is around 30 minutes from London's Tambaram called 'Fenchurch street'. Looking out for a place to stay around here. Need to sort whole lot of things right from bank account to house to mobile to internet connections to food to visa processing for family!!!

Well, enough of my brag for today, will catch up in next post!