December 07, 2004

Blogging from UK

Its been 9 days since I landed in Queen's land on the job. (Innikki pathu)
After getting internet connections and sorting out the convenient times for browsing and blogging, here is my post.
It was interesting to see Kiruba's post on Trisha, Karthik's bashing and Cogito Ergo Bala's geeky angle to it all. Followed up Jayendrar's case, looks like lot of things have happened. People like Anuradha Ramanan pouring out her bottled up emotions, and people bashing her for doing so - asking what she was doing so long.

Am to work in a place called Basildon which is around 30 minutes from London's Tambaram called 'Fenchurch street'. Looking out for a place to stay around here. Need to sort whole lot of things right from bank account to house to mobile to internet connections to food to visa processing for family!!!

Well, enough of my brag for today, will catch up in next post!

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