February 23, 2007

Thiruttu YouTube...

People talk about pirated VCDs/DVDs etc, and there is tall talk too. But the entire Pokkiri is available in parts on the YouTube. And am sure, there are so more many online locations you can find the movie.
No more Thiruttu VCD, Only Thiruttu YouTube

Thanks to Dhirubhai Ambani...

If not for his dream of "mobile phone for every Indian", the rates wouldnt have dropped so much, that a cell phone has become an almost essential commodity in people's lives today in India.

Thanks to Dhirubhai Ambani again. But for him, I can't get to watch the scenes like below:
  • A lovely couple holding their hands fondly, looking into each other's eyes with romance and affection, sitting opposite to me in an electric train towards Chennai Beach and each one talking in their respective cell phones to their own friends
  • 21G bus driver casually crossing a RED signal, in a speed not so suitable for that road, all the time handling the steering wheel with one hand and talking on his cell phone to someone
  • A tie-clad executive in an adjacent bike in a traffic signal, extolling the virtues of a lifetime-free-credit card on a hands-free phone - a very animated sales call indeed
  • 3 folks from our office on a conference call in their mobile phones, without even looking up to see that they are seated in 3 different corners in the same cafeteria

Thanks once again Dhirubhai ji.

By the way, I dictated this post on my mobile phone to my wife's mobile. She sitting at home, transcribed and posted this.

PS: The previous paragraph is a lie. I have not sacrificed my personal space so much for a mobile phone

February 21, 2007

Sivaji Ganesan - Not Stereotypical

This started as a response to a note from Saneram for my earlier post on Sivaji Ganesan's versatility
perhaps true...abt new age actors. But i wont agree to the fact hat sivaji was stereotypic...he wasnt. Take thiruvilayadal for example. May it be the innocent woodcutter, or the Paramsivan in playful mood, or the fisherman folk...very fine dfferentiation he had shown. You dont get to see the same Sivaji, nor do you get to see the same Sivaji as Lord Paramsivan in a different movie. Thats being emotive.Or, "Thirugnanasambandhar"...he would don Naradhar, old and worn out Thirugnanasambandahr or a royal king...the differentiation is very fine.
In his latter movies like "Muthal Mariyadhai", "Thevar Magan", he resorted to very subdued emotions for the new form of cinema. Think he adopted very well.
Sadly, the media outreach when he was acting wasnt that much, and the North-South divide was very much there, when he was in the prime of his acting career. Sad, the movies did not get much prominence, nor did he as a fine actor. It is but a different fact that many of the movies were remade in Hindi with North Indian actors.

Aavin...Wow Win

When you come out of the Guindy railway station on the Race course side, there is an Aavin Milk Parlour. When I come all exhausted from office in the evening, I find the Hot Milk (available at Rs 5 a cup) very refreshing.
I struck a conversation with the person manning the parlour. Information he gave was very interesting.
  • All private milk sellers have hiked the price of a packet by atleast 1 Re per half litre, but Aavin price is 1 Re lesser
  • Further 75paise reduction if you buy a monthly milk card (consider the math = for a family having 4 milk cards saves 4*1.75*31 = Rs 217 p.m.)
  • Aavin parlours, like this parlour, sell value-added-items like flavored milk, cheese, butter, milk khoa, ghee, curd, butter milk, hot milk - all made from Aavin milk
  • No water is added to the Hot Milk sold at Rs 5 a cup.
  • When I asked the parlour owner, why he could mix some water always. He said that there are surprise visits by Aavin officials, even as late as at 8:30pm
  • Surprise checks mean quality and quantity check. They check the density of milk, and calculate the no. of milk packets that must have been used to prepare that quantity of milk, at the measured density.
  • If there is issue found, for continuously 3 times, memo is issued, and then increment cuts would follow said the parlour manager
  • oh wow! then is tha parlour manned by Aavin employees? He replied in the affirmative.
  • Thats surprising! A Govt undertaking company considering these points seriously and want to give quality service and product.

Thats when I thought "Aavin" should be "Wow Win"...

Total admin collapse in Tamilnadu -> Moron, Stal(l)in(g) and CareNoNidhi

  • Auto rickshaw fares in Tamilnadu have been revised, but am yet to board an auto rickshaw who agrees to charge the meter rate. And am yet to get through to the grievance cell number given by the Police. It is forever engaged.
  • There is a huge pit right in the entry side of Royapettah Flyover. And, the road next to this flyover leading up to Royapettah signal is filled with potholes, very rough terrain. What's so special that it merits mention here? It is Mr. M. K. Stal(l)in(g)'s, High-profile Minister and the ruling party's Second-in-command's thoguthi!!!
  • Name of Stal(l)in(g)'s consttuency is 1000 lights, and you can hardly see some 10 lights on the roads next to flyovers. With sheer luck, you can avid falling into the BRAD PITTs of 1000 lights
  • Mr. Mu. CareNoNidhi's constituency(Chepauk) closely competes with Stal(l)in(g)s consituency in civic amenities (or the lack of it), rough shod, spoiled, potholed roads, rampant rowdyism and what not
  • I wonder if this is a sample of TN administration, imagine other parts of Tamilnadu
  • Lot of LTTE movement, Naxalite arms factory uncovered in Chennai - no where did Police make an arrest through their intelligence (ha ha ha), but the convicts got arrested for some petty offence, and on interrogation, other serious issues came out
  • Tamizhan is given royal fucks by Karnataka (Kaveri), Kerala (Mulla periyar) and Andhra Pradesh (Paalar dam and Telugu Ganga). Carenonidhi will not even out up a decent fight with Central Govt, if he does his family's SonTV empire will not get enough support, and (Dayanidhi) Moron will not resign from his ministerial berth
  • Leave Mu. Ka. Dr. Ramadoss, who criticises Mu. Ka. for handling the water problems with neighbouring states, will not let Dr. AnbuMONEY Ramadaze, as a mark of protest, even utter something to central government
  • Mr. Moron who remarked some 1.5 years back to Bill Gates that he cannot take him down the IT Corridor, because the corridor is very worse as the then state administration was not doing anything for the people. Will he take Mr. Gates in the road now?...athuthaan around ayear aachay...still no great progress on OMR, nor on the Metro Rail Project
  • When DMK assumed power after prev Tamilnadu General Elections, there was a murder attempt on M. K. Stal(l)in(g). The culprit is yet to be arrested. Shows the efficiency of Police, or exposes the stunts of our DMK = Dravida Makkalaukku pinnaadi etrum Kazhagam
  • So, if they cannot take any of such admin tasks to completion, what are they forever busy with???
  • Carenonidhi is busy with watching Namita and Rahasiya's kuthupaa(raa)ttu vizha organ(r)ised by Cine Artists; Moron is busy releasing stamps with Preity Zinta, and posing for photographs in any function happening anywhere in India.
  • If not Namita dance, Mu. Ka. is catching up on his "aanmeegam"
  • I am not an admirer of JJ either; dont get me wrong... And nor a fan of DMDK - Captain ha charisma and good heart; but that's not enough; we need some administration going on...sure his goons cant handle that
  • Am stating this once again in this blog: It is very disappointing these days to be in Tamilnadu / Chennai.

February 04, 2007

A new atrocity by Call Taxis in Chennai

A silent atrcoity is being committed by call taxis in chennai now. From the day, the auto fares were revised, and the ever unreliable auto drivers refused to use meters, and the not credible Police did not receive any complaints againast erring auto drivers, the call taxis in Chennai silently did an atrocious illegal act.
For a distance of travel that is less than 10 kms, the call taxis say that we need to pay a minimum of Rs 150/=, instead of the amount on the meter (Rs 12 per km). Not documented anywhere, not legally passed by Police or RTO, but they are doing it.
What is the justifiction and who gave them rights?
They already committed some violations/illegal precedents - worst dastardly act. When fuel rates were hiked some time back, the call taxis silently hiked their charges as Rs 12 per km, as against the Rs 10 per km. You would think it is quite natural. It is indeed for vehicles running on petrol or diesel, but not natural for call taxis that run on LPG.
And after this went unnoticed, now this forced package of Rs 150 for any distance less than 10 kms.
Yesterday, when I travelled on the trip - Adyar - Triplicane - Adyar, the dirver insisted I pay Rs 300, for a meter charge of Rs 179. The logic - it is counted as two trips, and for each trip I have to pay Rs 150/= , or something like a slab of Rs 150/= per every 10 kms.
So you ight say, why dont you take the oublic transport and suffer anyway. I wish I could. Only when the Govt plies buses at regular intervals, and with good frequency. But what can I do to reach places, with 2-month old baby? I feel so disappointed in calling myself a Chennaiite.

Autorickshaws and Chennai Police

Recently Government revised the auto fare strcuture. There was huge campaigning also from Chennai City Police insisting that auto drivers enforce the new fare and do no charge unreasonable rates, while urging the general public to file complaints with Police.

A couple of days later, Chennai City Police, while talking about the effectiveness of regulation system, opined "no complaints from general public so far"...

Some key points to note:
- There is a general public apathy about the effectiveness of action taken on complaints lodged with Police for minor violations. The point here is the entire process is very time consuming, and mostly pointless. By reporting against the erring auto driver, what does the person who complained gains.
- The public already saw the courage and honesty of Police during a mass-rigging corporation election. The police were mute spectators. The police went onto make a public statement - "No law and order issues during the corporation election".
The credibility of Police went in for a toss. Why would any public believe that police would take action against the law violation, when they were dumb and numb during such massive violence during corporation election.?
-- Coming to the attitude of autowallahs, the meters, especially electronic meter fitted autos are flagged down to show to the police they are using the meter. However, the commuter is not spared. Still it is only a flat rate. The autowallahs dont bother. They simply refuse to come, if you insist on "using the meter"
-- So, you can complain to Police. Unfortunately not. Apparently the law violation must have occurred. It is right of autowallah to say "NO" to a business, he has still not committed the violation. So you cant complain.

What is the point in lodging a complaint anyway.

February 02, 2007

Profound truths in life

Come in very simple movie songs like:

"Varaamalay poga mudiyuma" - From Student No:1 movie of Sibiraj.

[in English, roughly "can you go without coming"...the "come" is not "come" as in American porn]

Athuthaaney, how can you "poga mudiyum"...first "varanum".!

Next gem:
"Arachai maava araippoma
Thuvacha thuniya thovappoma" - from Vallavan movie of Simbu.!

What stressful life/wife, the lyricist (Mr. Perarasu) must have had to think something as profound as "can we grind the thing that is already ground, can we wash the cothes that are already washed?"...or maybe he meant directorial skills of himself and Simbu.

Vaazhga Tamizh!

Versatility of Sivaji Ganesan...

Whenever I watch many of Sivaji ganesan's movies of 60's. one thing that come into my mind earlier is "man, what an overacting!"....But those finer points/nuances of acting which differentiated versatility of Sivaji - his body langauge, facial expressions etc etc, I realised recently.

Not through one of his movies, but through a movie awards function.

A seasoned actor like Prakashraj was dancing for "Engay Nimmadhi" song of "Puthiya Paravai"...he did his best, but those subtle yet profound body movements , the powerful expressions through his eyes, twitch of lips/facial muscle of a man in absolute stress was missing. No discredits to Prakashraj. But it just dawned on me the versatility of Sivaji Ganesan.

It was so apparent that the "engay nimmadhi" song depicted exactly of a person who has lost his nimmadhi (sense of peace). He simply brought lease of life to the lyrics of that song. I could realise how tough it was, even for a seasoned professional like Prakash raj

Post this programme, I saw a couple of Sivaji Ganesan movies merely out of curiosity.
  • a humorous movie where he acted with MR Radha, his face would show complete "asattuthanam" [the one that has two sivaji, two mr radha]
  • "tiruvilaiyadal" - the careless gambeeram - his face, his walk, his dialogue delivery - as Sivaperumaan - the creator
  • Absolutely stressed in "Puthiya paravai"
I am hooked onto Sivaji Ganesan's movies from a very new perspective now....