February 21, 2007

Total admin collapse in Tamilnadu -> Moron, Stal(l)in(g) and CareNoNidhi

  • Auto rickshaw fares in Tamilnadu have been revised, but am yet to board an auto rickshaw who agrees to charge the meter rate. And am yet to get through to the grievance cell number given by the Police. It is forever engaged.
  • There is a huge pit right in the entry side of Royapettah Flyover. And, the road next to this flyover leading up to Royapettah signal is filled with potholes, very rough terrain. What's so special that it merits mention here? It is Mr. M. K. Stal(l)in(g)'s, High-profile Minister and the ruling party's Second-in-command's thoguthi!!!
  • Name of Stal(l)in(g)'s consttuency is 1000 lights, and you can hardly see some 10 lights on the roads next to flyovers. With sheer luck, you can avid falling into the BRAD PITTs of 1000 lights
  • Mr. Mu. CareNoNidhi's constituency(Chepauk) closely competes with Stal(l)in(g)s consituency in civic amenities (or the lack of it), rough shod, spoiled, potholed roads, rampant rowdyism and what not
  • I wonder if this is a sample of TN administration, imagine other parts of Tamilnadu
  • Lot of LTTE movement, Naxalite arms factory uncovered in Chennai - no where did Police make an arrest through their intelligence (ha ha ha), but the convicts got arrested for some petty offence, and on interrogation, other serious issues came out
  • Tamizhan is given royal fucks by Karnataka (Kaveri), Kerala (Mulla periyar) and Andhra Pradesh (Paalar dam and Telugu Ganga). Carenonidhi will not even out up a decent fight with Central Govt, if he does his family's SonTV empire will not get enough support, and (Dayanidhi) Moron will not resign from his ministerial berth
  • Leave Mu. Ka. Dr. Ramadoss, who criticises Mu. Ka. for handling the water problems with neighbouring states, will not let Dr. AnbuMONEY Ramadaze, as a mark of protest, even utter something to central government
  • Mr. Moron who remarked some 1.5 years back to Bill Gates that he cannot take him down the IT Corridor, because the corridor is very worse as the then state administration was not doing anything for the people. Will he take Mr. Gates in the road now?...athuthaan around ayear aachay...still no great progress on OMR, nor on the Metro Rail Project
  • When DMK assumed power after prev Tamilnadu General Elections, there was a murder attempt on M. K. Stal(l)in(g). The culprit is yet to be arrested. Shows the efficiency of Police, or exposes the stunts of our DMK = Dravida Makkalaukku pinnaadi etrum Kazhagam
  • So, if they cannot take any of such admin tasks to completion, what are they forever busy with???
  • Carenonidhi is busy with watching Namita and Rahasiya's kuthupaa(raa)ttu vizha organ(r)ised by Cine Artists; Moron is busy releasing stamps with Preity Zinta, and posing for photographs in any function happening anywhere in India.
  • If not Namita dance, Mu. Ka. is catching up on his "aanmeegam"
  • I am not an admirer of JJ either; dont get me wrong... And nor a fan of DMDK - Captain ha charisma and good heart; but that's not enough; we need some administration going on...sure his goons cant handle that
  • Am stating this once again in this blog: It is very disappointing these days to be in Tamilnadu / Chennai.


Chakra Sampath said...

ennada ipdi solre?

I thought honey and milk are running along the roads of TN and the only problem is that the flies and bees are over them.

Guruprasad said...

milk runs on the roads - when the milk lorries fall into the big pits left unattended...honey is flowing like anything in TN...honey-dipped words of our current CM!!!

Ram said...

:) Good one...

Roop said...

You writing is good, i came here(blog) from mayyam. Anyway nice work. Beware our Politicans.

karthik said...

This is very much true.
And no body dares to question the authorities concerned.
If this continues all bloody politicians will take undue advantage and worsen the living conditions in the city.

karthik said...

I live in Chromepet where there are quiet a few number of Bungalows. I came here way back in 2004 and till now the road conditions are very pathetic. Nobody has really come forward to lodge a complaint. Every body lives with the attitude of "Why Should I" or "Who Cares". The local councillors are also busy looting money and allocated not even peanuts to the welfare of people. No one really knows how long people will have to suffer leading a poor quality of life albeit paying such a huge amount of tax...