February 04, 2007

A new atrocity by Call Taxis in Chennai

A silent atrcoity is being committed by call taxis in chennai now. From the day, the auto fares were revised, and the ever unreliable auto drivers refused to use meters, and the not credible Police did not receive any complaints againast erring auto drivers, the call taxis in Chennai silently did an atrocious illegal act.
For a distance of travel that is less than 10 kms, the call taxis say that we need to pay a minimum of Rs 150/=, instead of the amount on the meter (Rs 12 per km). Not documented anywhere, not legally passed by Police or RTO, but they are doing it.
What is the justifiction and who gave them rights?
They already committed some violations/illegal precedents - worst dastardly act. When fuel rates were hiked some time back, the call taxis silently hiked their charges as Rs 12 per km, as against the Rs 10 per km. You would think it is quite natural. It is indeed for vehicles running on petrol or diesel, but not natural for call taxis that run on LPG.
And after this went unnoticed, now this forced package of Rs 150 for any distance less than 10 kms.
Yesterday, when I travelled on the trip - Adyar - Triplicane - Adyar, the dirver insisted I pay Rs 300, for a meter charge of Rs 179. The logic - it is counted as two trips, and for each trip I have to pay Rs 150/= , or something like a slab of Rs 150/= per every 10 kms.
So you ight say, why dont you take the oublic transport and suffer anyway. I wish I could. Only when the Govt plies buses at regular intervals, and with good frequency. But what can I do to reach places, with 2-month old baby? I feel so disappointed in calling myself a Chennaiite.


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Chakra Sampath said...

Guru, you know what... someone took a resolution of putting up at least 1 post a day? Do you remember seeing that fella?

Guruprasad said...

yaarunga athu? theid thedi paakiraen, kaanom...hee hee hee

sushma said...

i'm sushma working for CNN IBN, chennai. we are doing a news story on the call taxis of chennai.it wld be of a great help if u r able to give us ur opinion on these call taxis on camera.can i have ur mail id or ph numbr?