February 11, 2009

Heroines of Tamil Movies...P-1

Yesterday I was watching "Madhavi Pon mayilal" song, being danced by Padmini; it just struck me despite being plump, looking heavy and bulky, she managed to jump and dance, very light-footed and completely agile..."Mannavan vandhanadi" or "Nalamthana" or "Marainthirunthu", Padmini will be all over the screen, dancing heartily...not mere shrug of shoulders, or expressions in the eyes, she had a robust dance movement, and quick changes in the movements...
tlk about, being big and bulky, not agile, but make up with expressions, shrug of shoulders, light movements and add a big dose of feminine charm - Saroja Devi
Feminine charm, the agility and robust dancing, another actor who comes to mind is Vyjayanthimala Bali; quite nimble-footed, while exuding the feminine charm to the core; she is "fragility" in front of your eyes; she surprised in strong woman warrior roles, where overcoming the feminine grace and charm was the gambeeram.
Talk about warrior-like woman with gambeeram, you cant help but think about Dr. Banumathy Ramakrishna; even in a romantic role, like in Kulebagavali, she was a towering personality in front of a towering persona like MGR
Another lady who tried to be gambeeram was Sowcar Janaki, but just not there; there was a lurking insecurity that would always show up. Her perfect combination of insecurity and gambeeram was in Thillu Mullu
The one heroine who was nimble, light-footed, vampish, charming, graceful, towering persona, feminine charm was undoubtedly T.R.Rajakumari (was she in anyway related to T.R.Ramachandran?)

February 10, 2009

Continuing family saga...

Thatha vaazhga!!!
  • A channel and big business for his grand-son - the eldest MORON!
  • IT Ministry earlier - first part of "Spectrum" (mis)allocation, now a party post - the youngest MORON (how come he still retains the old website with title as S(M)INISTER of IT, despite being removed out of ministry, while the current KOOJA has not even a website, and even the current MIT website does not even list his name anywhere except in "Who's who", while the State IT Ministers are mentioned - What a pity?)
  • One of the sons is "South Zone Organ-Riser" - Harakiri in MADurai
  • Another younger son (of age almost 58 - retirement age) - Stalling - is Youth Wing Secretary and Potty Treasurer
  • The lady girl is "Pagutharivu Parappalar" and a Rajyasabha MP.

But it is not on par with other praises showered on other power centers in the family; so Thatha creates a new TV Channel named after the son of this daughter - CHANNEL ADITYA..

Nallathoru kudumbam, thalavarin kazhagam!