October 02, 2008

Few Updates in my life.

My life has gone for several changes in the recent past. Changes are for good and for positive sense…

Ranging from playing the role of vendor manager at job to buying a car…

My happiness knows no bounds, when after a month of buying the car, I drove it today without fear to Triplicane. Considering the nightmare it is in Triplicane roads, I must say with pride, I drove reasonably well.

Had worked for 8.5 years in IT Service Provider companies, I made a job shift as a “IT Vendor Manager” in the Financial Sector. It has taken me almost 1 year to shrug the mindset of IT Service provider, to feel like a customer. Recently, I think I have started making a shift and am very comfy about it.

Next, my personal life…both my kids have grown up well…good enough to understand what we are saying and very playful. It has been extremely great…such sweet kids they are. I am getting all the attention I want from another girl, other than my wife, and I am very very happy about it, rather than being embarrassed – my little daughter. She is such a sweet little bundle, while my son very brilliant fellow. Has a great grasp of things and concludes things logically fast and extends them faster.

To top this all, my wife – such a sweetheart she is. I am making myself available at home to take care of kids and household, while juggling my job, because my wife has also started going for a job, and she is doing exactly the same. While she gave me the opportunity to be Mr. Mom, it has been extremely gratifying for me to experience the myriad tasks she had been doing with élan and flair so easily all these days. I have come to appreciate and admire her a lot, though I don’t openly express it, and pick up ego fights easily. But I think I should be in a position to get over with it to make her feel special again.

Things also have improves at home, with my mother and wife relationships improving and generally all of us in our family in good position – my sisters family and all.

It is good, and I hope it lasts for long time to come. Jus thought, I should chronicle this somewhere, and use this as opportunity to catch up with my writing flair again.