June 05, 2009

Someone needs pink chaddhi urgently..

...come on ladies, re-start the campaign again...I am siding with you. .
Shame on you Sharad Yadav! Shame on you MCP!! for this irresponsible cowardice announcement in the Parliament.

"I will commit suicide, if the Women's Quota Bill in its current form is tabled"

People like him have wasted years and hours of parliamentary time, already in stopping this bill being tabled!

No one condemned him in the Parliament. That is even more shameful, and indicative of what to expect in this direction.

June 03, 2009

Airtel Super Singer 2008

...and the winner is Ajeesh!
Congrats Ajeesh, you deserved this win...
You were cool, calm and composed, but was having fun always. I listened and liked your renderings a lot from Semis and Beyond. A person with a smile, no pretentious brighas, no false voices, humble in front of the judges.
Though you were not my personal favorites from the Airtel Super Singer - Prasanna was my favorite - I relished your performance.

June 02, 2009

Foodies Lane of Chennai that starts at Mahatma Gandhi and ends at Uttamar Gandhi

This particular stretch I am talking about in Chennai, actually consists of 3 roads; Starting at Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai starts at Mahatma Gandhi Statue, passes through Cathedral Road and goes all the way under the flyover, into Uttamar Gandhi Salai (better known as Nungambakkam High Road) and bangs into Nungai Amman Koil!

Borrowing Mountroad Mahavishnu’s clichéd lines – this is a stretch, with a taste of almost every cuisine to suit most of the budget ranges, and tickle the taste buds of veggies and non-veggies alike (this particular part of the sentence from the previous comma, till the start of in-note, is dedicated to the reluctant cliché-gourmet Shonali Muthalaly).

Let us start and list down:

Gandhi Beach – Beach eateries and Sagar Resturant
On the Southern Side
Radhakrishnan Salai
Manhattan Square (or something like that) – till sometime back Hotel Palimar had a counter, not sure if it is still there; don’t know about the taste of food here though
Chennai CitiCenter and its
Food Court housing
Hotel Sangeetha (and their lipsmacking sambar vadais),
Pizza Corner (or Hut?)
Good fruit and smoothie shop
Gelato (GOddamnly expensive but heavenly tasting ice cream shop)
Little Italy (and their amazing pastas)
Chinese food shop (sorry forgot their name)
Halal Shop (again forgot their name)
Desi Mane by Sangeetha
Level 4 - A Roof top restaurant
Hotel President
Café Ashvita
, then further down the road, after next signal,
Beijing Blues (closed shop soon)
Pizza Hut
Komalas (but not there now I think)
Saravana Bhavan
Rasam (Krishna Sweets Kongu Style restaurant inside Sabari’s Nest)
Bombay Talkies (north Indian food items)
Enter Cathedral Road
Palki – north indian specialty
Amravati – Andhra food (full meals is awedome)
Coconut Lagoon - Kerala style restaurant (inside Palki)
Snowfield - AN Icecream parlour (inside Palki compound)
Hotel S
Hotel Chola Sheraton
Durrant Bar
Shirdi Quick Bites
Woodlands drive-in (boo hoo what a place to lose…)
Under Gemini Flyover and into NH Road…
Hotel Palimar
The Park
Hotel Ranjith (and the bar;-)))
Hotel Taj Coromandel
Hotel Ganpat
Aiwo - Northern Spicy
Cakes & Bakes
Pizza Corner
Seetharamas (is it still there?)
Cholayil Sanjeevanam - nature food keralan style
Turning at the Northern Side
NH Road
Hotel Sangeetha
Arjun- inside Hotel Gautham Manor
Canton - as the name suggests, chinese one
Little Italy (inside El Dorado complex)
The Dhabba Express [inside El dorado]
Rangis - hotel in that Airtel office building, good taste
Ispahani Center and myriad of outlets including
Marry Brown
Café Coffee Day
Sweet Chariot Center
Bella Ciao
New Yorker
Cathedral Road
Baskin & Robbins
Noodle House (easily tucked away upstairs near Gangothri)
Don pepe
Copper Chimney - Kebab restaurant
China Town - Chinese restaurant
Zara - The Pub
Music Academy canteen
RK Salai again
Hotel Savera
Brindavan – Hotel New Woodlands
Punjabi Dhaba
Ice cream parlour
Dominos Pizza
And then nothing upto citi center signal
Seasons (excellent salads, juices and pastas, at never believe prices – actually tucked inside the Pazhamudhir Nilayam)

I very well know this list is incomplete, and I know I have missed out some more points and got some names wrong; I will update them soon, and perhaps do reviews as well…

Can any other area in Chennai claim their fame like this stretch??? Perhaps Anna Nagar, maybe...
I can call this the Foodies Lane of Chennai!