December 14, 2005

Famous Doordarshan songs

Long back in good olden days of Doordarshan, we used to have a program to help the farmers. This was called "Vayalum vaazhvum"..meaning, Farmfield and life.

The title music was composed and sung by none other than the great Tamil film music composer - Sri MS Viswanathan.
This song goes like this:
"Thaai nilam thantha varam, taavaram
Athu thazhaikka thazhaikka varumaaru yaavarum"

Similarly, another song from Doordarshan, which catches my fancy is about Male-Female Equality
"AaNaa PeNNaa poranthathingay
Athuthaan Ingu muthal kelvi…
AaNaa porantha sirippu enna
PoNNa porantha veruppu enna"

Some more songs on Doordarshan songs that I hold close to my heart:
1)      "Antha veenaikku theriyaathu
        Athai seithavan yaarendru" - Title song of Teleserial SAHANA
2)      The title music of Mahabharath
3)      Mile sur mera tumhara
4)      Junoon title song in Tamil. I particularly remember this line - "Pidivaatham theera pidivaatham vendum"
5)      We used to have this great Mango drink called "Maaza" (We still have it, but this is a re-launched product with a new refreshing taste - which is YUCK)…this particular advertisement was telecast in Doordarshan, where Ranjit Barot - film musician and ad jingles music composer - also stars in it…it was a fabulous piece of beats for the Maaza drink

December 12, 2005

IT Minister Mr. Moron and his Grandfather Mr. Care-No-Nidhi do it again!!!

Hindustan Times reports about the silly loosetalk comments by IT Minister Mr. Dayanidhi Moron and his Do-Good-For-No-One Grandfather Mr. Care-No-Nidhi, in the presence of "Annan" Bill Gates, who has come with load-sacks of dollars to invest in Tamilnadu.
Considering the fact that Highways Ministry was handled by DMK Ministers for so long, and that the particular South Chennai constituency MP is from DMK, does Mr. Moron suggest that his party people had been inefficient? Well, only he know the truth.

Add to it, the nugget of wisdom by the IT Minister - Mr. Moron that Bangalore roads are better (Wonder what Mr. Azim Premji, Mr. Narayanamurthy have got to say for this - consideringrecent qualms they have had with CM of Karanataka and Proxy-CM Mr. Deve Gowda!), and calling bluff of Mrs. Subbulakshmi Jagadeesan - DMK MP & Minister - who said that all the ministers from Tamilnadu are ofcourse working only for betterment of Tamilnadu.

Why can't Mr. Moron stick to his regular agenda of:
--- Inaugurating scanner machines in airports
--- Acting as Tamilnadu travel agent for Congress High Command - Dr. Singh, and High Command's High Command - Sonia
--- Twisting laws to suit SCV and Sun Network
Perhaps Mr. Care-No-Nidhi can stick to his favorite game of bashing Brahmins, and leave stuffs like IT and investment alone?

And Chakra, FYI, English Murasoli did not report the silly behavior of Mr. Moron.

Update: English Murasoli indeed reported Moron's upset over Tidel Park not being laid even after 2 years.

December 05, 2005

Would you feel like working here?

Today I received a mail in Inbox. The subject read:
All positions; very hot…
I was about to dismiss the email as one of those e*ection, v.agra, elongation spams. I stopped on time, when I noticed MNC tagging along at the end of three dots. When I opened the email, it was a job offer email - courtesy some recruiter who got my profile and email-id from some source (which the agency did not quote).

When I read through the email, it was a totally irrelevant job profile and very bizarre. I was shocked at this trend - no seriousness whatsoever about an IT job, supposedly furthering career in IT. I do keep getting such job posting regularly. I was even more shocked to learn from my friends at offshore that calls - unsolicited - being made to mobile, office desk and home phones, by supposedly head-hunting agencies for some recruitment offer or other. These calls to the level of those credit-card sales calls.

Whats happening? If this is what is job-market boom, and such quality of people trying to recruit you, I wonder
How long before this bubble may burst?
Here is another recruitment email gem:
3 to 7years with strong .Net and SQL development background. Experince in Unit Integeration/Blackbox testing/automation tools is an added advantage. Database testing experience would be ideal.

Education :B.E.,B.TECH.,M.C.A.,M.E.
Experience :3 - 5 years
Job type :Full-time (Permanent Positions)

Still, the best one, yet to beat any other recruitment ad has been the one I saw in a national newspaper's Opportunities supplementary…it read thus, in mid-2000 as:

3 years experience in Windows 2000