December 14, 2005

Famous Doordarshan songs

Long back in good olden days of Doordarshan, we used to have a program to help the farmers. This was called "Vayalum vaazhvum"..meaning, Farmfield and life.

The title music was composed and sung by none other than the great Tamil film music composer - Sri MS Viswanathan.
This song goes like this:
"Thaai nilam thantha varam, taavaram
Athu thazhaikka thazhaikka varumaaru yaavarum"

Similarly, another song from Doordarshan, which catches my fancy is about Male-Female Equality
"AaNaa PeNNaa poranthathingay
Athuthaan Ingu muthal kelvi…
AaNaa porantha sirippu enna
PoNNa porantha veruppu enna"

Some more songs on Doordarshan songs that I hold close to my heart:
1)      "Antha veenaikku theriyaathu
        Athai seithavan yaarendru" - Title song of Teleserial SAHANA
2)      The title music of Mahabharath
3)      Mile sur mera tumhara
4)      Junoon title song in Tamil. I particularly remember this line - "Pidivaatham theera pidivaatham vendum"
5)      We used to have this great Mango drink called "Maaza" (We still have it, but this is a re-launched product with a new refreshing taste - which is YUCK)…this particular advertisement was telecast in Doordarshan, where Ranjit Barot - film musician and ad jingles music composer - also stars in it…it was a fabulous piece of beats for the Maaza drink


Sunny Doiphode said...
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shwets said...

Do you remember that song "Mujhko hai asha". It was very melodious and peaceful. Do you know where to find all these videos?