March 25, 2006

Thukkada post...

  • Its been three months since I came back to Madras from UK, and am yet to see atleast one sparrow
  • Recently I was reading Kumudam Bakthi. I came across a Q&A section and it was very well answered. The author of this section is ShriVenugopalan. The same ShriVenugopalan writes under another pen name - Pushpa Thangadurai, and writes sensuous stories in Tamil magazines. He wrote a story about Redlight area in Saavi magazine as "En Peyar Kamala" in early 80's, which was sensuation. What contrasting writings from a 65 year old writer!!!
  • Elections are coming, Chennai is getting the roads laid in many places. Its so amazing, the speed at which the infrastructure projects are being completed. The roads also seem to be of better quality. Prior to November floods, no roads were there, and after the floods, we got relief money from Center and several aid agencies. So, these roads are from those relief operation funds? And if that be the case, what happened to all the money that was allocated before floods for building roads? I wonder if there is a scam in waiting.
  • With cine actor Ajith on a slimming mode, he looks more like a person who recently had heavy typhoid fever and is on recuperation stage. It is so scary these days to look at Ajith's poses in the magazines.
  • Triplicane Temple Tank sports a new look and has become a favorite spot for parents to bring their kids to be in touch with real world, for elderly to sit and reminisce, for youngsters to have fun...and there are nice initiatives like planting of saplings and caring for saplings around temple tank and encouraging public to care for them specifying each sapling signifies a birth star. Some nice initiatives to get some nature friendly measures in Triplicane
  • In fact, many parks have been leased to private agencies in Madras, and they are very nicely maintained. Poclets of greenery here and there, and with public using these facilities properly, so that no anti social elements taking charge, it is a welcome change to otherwise greenery starved Madras. Kudos to whoever initiated such good things
  • Ratna Cafe : makers of famous sambar idly, and a very age old organization/eatery in Triplicane is spreading its fold in Madras...they are opening more and more branches. Thats good news for eaters like us. Wish "Mylai Karpagambal Mess" also expands

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