March 27, 2006

Bama Vijayam

What a movie!
Simple story, straight narrative, splashed with daily humor, great acting from people like Nagesh, Sowcar Janaki and all other veterans.
The aspiration of the then middle class (today's middle class has a totally different face: different post at a different time) to be up the status and the make overs they do to keep themselves up to the standard. Nice story with a Chandamama ending, we know whats going to happen next. But that doesnt stop us from enjoying whats happening.

KB is just amazing...what knots he had , including the famour three knots (moondru mudichu). Can one forget "Server Sundaram" launching Nagesh as hero, or for that matter the movies that question middle class values like "Aval appadithan". KB is another Jeyakanthan, who directed so many movies with so many varied themes...

All said and done, "Bama Vijayam" is fantastic..."Varavu ettana, Selavu pathana" song makes me laugh and laugh.

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