August 31, 2005

Indian hogger's meet in UK

That’s how my wife Subhashree remarked about first ever Indie-blogger's meet in UK. And that's how it was…you could gauge it from this photo on Jag's blog.

Me, wife and Sriram<my kutty paiyan> attended this meet. Sriram wanted to blog about his first ever blogger meet by himself. Its here...

For a change, this blogger meet had a higher attendance from Hindu Senior Secondary School rather than the usual Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan grind. And to my surprise, the only PSBB guy was so polite and very nice…(ok, ok, that was just a friendly leg pulling about PSBB..PSBB fellows, don’t get angry wth me…). The attendance ratio 3:1 -- from HSSS -- Guru, Chakra and Anand; from PSBB -- Anand.

The first ever Indie-blogger maanadu in UK was successfully held under the auspices of Chakra. To think, he has all qualities for being a politician.

  • He came late for maanadu
  • called himself 'Chief guest' and VIP
  • collected money from all (undi vasool) to pay the bill
  • declared in his blog that he footed the bill himself

Raasa, he is the perfect man, Captain can get for his new party in UK. (Annan Chakra thalamiayil, maanadu inithey nadantheriytahu…). Chakra, you could consider Sriram as UK Ilaignar ani thalaivar! (I know you have Anirudh in line first like DMK...still, atleast Seyalaalar???;))

It was great fun right from the beginning. Anand had a fabulous 'Anniyan' hairstyle…His face hadnt changed from Anjali to May maadham to last Sunday. It was fun talking with him, and good learning things from him. He explained about a certain music style, by giving a very beautiful visual clue. Similarly, he projected a few dimensions about movies and all. It was good. The best part was talking about one of my dream projects to him - Ponniyin Selvan and visual medium. Apparently, it was his dream project as well. He seemed interested too. Let me see how far this will be taken further!

Jag was great to talk with. And the chevda he gave was even more delicious. Unabashedly, I took two dabbas from him. I had imagined a different kind of external image about Jag, while reading his ROUTE-79 blog. He was totally different, and a very mature guy.

Initially, I was sitting next to Jag and Anand, and they were having their own discussions about movies and music. On other side, all other bloggers were talking and joking loudly in Tamil. I couldn’t hear what the were saying. But watching Neha talking to others, was like watching a kathakali dancer without kathakali make-up. Head and eyes were moving in all directions.

And, then was seated Dubukku - aka Rangarajan - wedged between three ladies in the group. I have taken a photo as proof, which I will soon be posting…if not on this blog, definitely to his wife. Am sure Ranga will have a great time in his home. Ha ha ha….

The other Anand - twin Gemini - from Chicago was very silent. Or he wasn’t talking whenever I was listening to the conversation. He was constantly reminding me of someone I knew in Chennai, don’t remember whom. He had a fantastic camera. The contraption I had with me, which I dared to call it a camera, was nowhere near that.

Chakra (at the moment,THAnGAMANI in the group) had been hosting the two Anands at his palce over that bank holiday. Three Geminis in the same house. Chesham-la oru Visesham

And then, we had Praveen, Praveen and Praveen….and his counterpart Radhika. My God…wonder how Radhika puts up with him at home…he was pulling everyone's legs and was absolutely hilarious. Absolute fun guy to spend time with. On the contrast, Radhika was so quiet, but made good conversations and complimenting Praveen's slapstick comedy. Praveen has all prospects to start an Indian stand-up comedy show in UK.

Of course, my lover, sweetheart - my wife - was having her time, chatting up.

And that was how the hogger's meet went on, and on and on for close to 4 hours. At the end of it, we were given excellent directions to nearby Train station, and Ranga was a wonderful navigator.

Chakra, nee solrathu thappey illaida Rangavai pathi…saapta saapadu jeeranam aagara levelku nadakka vachan!

The, Ranga took us to his home in East Ham. A very nice house, and two cute kids. Varsha - dubukku's eldest daughter hit it off straight with Sriram. He was behind her calling 'Akka'. His little one 'Adhvika' was very gorgeous. But she did not come to me at all. His wife was absolutely sweet giving us Gokulashtami Murukku - amazing stuff it was. (Ranga, innum iruntha Royal Mail-il anuppi vaikkavum). She played the perfect host.

My trip to East Ham was successful in aother way also to me - in the sense I got two Vikatan, two Kumudam, 'Kaakha Kaakha' dvd and another Tamil movie.

This blog meet did good to me..hopefully I start blogging again regularly...!