March 27, 2008

After a long break...

..the ahambaavam is back and peaking!
One year down the line, no major changes in status of Chennai, except for
  • unreasonable change in rentals by 20% for absolutely no apparent reason
  • Mr. Moron replaced by Ms.Can-I-Muzhi and Mr. Harakiri in Deadly Morons Konglomerate
  • Mr. Stal(l)in(g) is busy installing flyovers at junctions where a simple drive to remove encroachments and a simple move to replace the traffic policemen with working signals would do
  • And yes, we re having power holidays - scheduled powercuts by EB, and announced downtime for electric repair, rather than inefficiency by Power Ministry

Oh! Me and my lamenting...hopefully i catch up with my writing streak again and write blogs regularly.