July 20, 2009

Chevrolet Spark, 10m-10k :-)

Just 10 months ago, I acquired my Chevy Spark LS for a good sum of Rs 3.35L, spent additional 11k for the music system; for one month, used call driver services, I figured out I wasn’t enjoying my car drives, simply because I don’t stop wherever I want to and whenever I want to. Regardless of scratches and dents, I needed to start driving, and I did manage to get scratches on all four sides of the car, and a huge dent while backing out of our parking lot. That didn’t deter me.
Today I clocked 10000km on my odometer, and it was a proud moment for me. Just right, few feet away from Vijayanagar Traffic Junction. Best part of it being the lovely Chevy Spark LS, icy blue metallic, hasn’t let me down once so far. Done 3 long drives – Pondicherry, Bangalore and Tranquebar, apart from various mini-long trips to Siruseri.
Chevy has delivered excellent value for money through my Spark; I was unable to pinpoint any specific problems to fix during any of my service. I just stuck to same old rhetoric “low mileage, gear shift problem” though both didn’t really exist. Spark gives me 12-13 in AC inside city, 16-17 in AC on highways, 13-14 non-AC in city, 18-19 on highways…I would say good mileage, definitely;
Engine doesn’t make noise, I don’t have to really stand on accelerator to get a good speed, AC is good. When I drive the car, the experience is as good as the first day I took the car out. The condition is the same. I didn’t need intermediary trips to garage, except for regular services. When I just finished my second free service, I did “under body rust coat” for being in a coastal city like Chennai, tends to rust the metallic parts easily. Spark being a cheaper metal at that!
It is just amazing how easy to turn the car in such cranky corners and lanes of Chennai. The turning radius is fantastic. Since the car is just wider than an auto, I can almost zigzag around where an auto can. That explains the maneuverability of the vehicle. Interestingly, the car can comfortably seat 5 adults + 2kids with enough leg space for all. Considering the turning radius, easy maneuverability, smooth drive features, I was once able to drive fast with excellent control of the car, so nimble the car drive is, in flat 45 minutes from Triplicane to Ambattur, during the peak 5pm traffic via royapet, anna nagar, mogappair…
By the way, Sundaram Motors does excellent job of servicing and customer handling. KLN Motors, who is the other GM dealer in Chennai, is worst and has got some irresponsible and uncaring sales people. I still wonder why I opted to purchase from KLN instead of Sundaram Motors.
So here is my 10 month 10000KM delivery story of reliable Spark!
The car is so spacious and comfortable, there are so many comfy spaces in such a small car. Just to give a perspective - When I sat in an Indica, I realized I didn’t space to place a water bottle, but in Chevy Spark I had four bottle holder spaces. A full-sized jute bag (the ones they give in textile shops) was needed to accommodate all the CDs, along with their jewel cases, that I have placed in spaces around my seat; beyond this, I have space for coins - to give tips, for my kids books and crayons - all neatly tucked in spaces around.
My son starts complaining he is feeling very cold, in 2 mins, whenever I switch on AC and keep it in just 1. Excellent product is this Chevy Spark, so are Opel Corsa, Astra, Aveo UVA, Tavera...sad GM, despite such rigorous SDP21s didn’t really get their business and union strategy right and have gone this way!