March 28, 2007

Low cost airlines

Last week, first time in my life, took a low cost airlines for a 45 min flight. As the snacks were very costly in airport, I was waiting for the airlines snacks. Imagine my shock and awe, after the flight took off, when they gave me only a MINTI...not even othai rooba choclate, but 50paisa MINTI...nalla low costra maadhava...

March 25, 2007

Oldies - where are you?

Browsing several FM channels of Chennai, the song "Paatu paada vaa" was being broadcast by some FM station. A very melodious one indeed.

It then struck me suddenly that I have been hearing this song on the radio quite very often. In fact, a standard set of old songs. They simply re-hash them so many ties, than actually go seeking those songs. I am not against these std list of oldies, but then, I could do with some variety.

Few of the oldies, I would like to hear are: "Senthamizh then mozhiyaal", "Nilavum malarum paaduthu", "Unakkaagava, illai enakkaagava", "Aah inba nilavinilay", "Paavadai Thavaniyil", "Gyayiru enbathu pannaaga"...well, list just grows - unlike the list of FM Channels/TV channels.