March 25, 2007

Oldies - where are you?

Browsing several FM channels of Chennai, the song "Paatu paada vaa" was being broadcast by some FM station. A very melodious one indeed.

It then struck me suddenly that I have been hearing this song on the radio quite very often. In fact, a standard set of old songs. They simply re-hash them so many ties, than actually go seeking those songs. I am not against these std list of oldies, but then, I could do with some variety.

Few of the oldies, I would like to hear are: "Senthamizh then mozhiyaal", "Nilavum malarum paaduthu", "Unakkaagava, illai enakkaagava", "Aah inba nilavinilay", "Paavadai Thavaniyil", "Gyayiru enbathu pannaaga"...well, list just grows - unlike the list of FM Channels/TV channels.


Chakra said...

Valid point.

btw, most of these FM stations have started broadcasting it online as well.. though its the same filmy junk everywhere its good to hear the songs with local ads and all that.

cvraman said...

Noj just for the old songs, even for all the current songs which are played the fate is the same..

Guruprasad said...

online broadcast of tamil FM??? improved, but people havent...

Current songs fate is something known for a long time, I thought its bcos the film producers pay big amounts of money to these so that their song is broadcast over and over again in a day. And such a thought makes sense. But old songs??? enna logic, intha FM makkalukko theiryalai...

Krish Ashok said...

I think FM playlists tend to very listener-demographic driven. Most of the shows tend to take requests, so they have a good sense of what the callers (mostly young, less than 30 type people) want. So unless
1) connoisseurs
2) old people
start aggressively calling FM channels, im afraid there will just more of the same.