August 30, 2004

What platform are you on?

The geeks of the world, before you go on ranting stuffs like Linux, Solaris, NT....For your kind information, I am not talking about the platform in comp.sci. lingo, but about the platform in Chennai - the US-ers conveniently call them as pavements.

It's true platforms have vanished in many parts of the city owing to flyovers, shop encroachments, and some have become unusable because of "Nature calls".

But, its wrong to write-off platforms utility stating this city does not have usable platforms and stuffs like that.

Am sure you must have seen places at Santhome, entire Adyar road stretch starting from Malar Hospitals to beyond Rajbhavan, pockets in Mount road, TNagar - just before Pondy Bazaar starts, Beach road, Dr. Radhakrishnan salai, Ashok Nagar, so on and so forth....
They are relatively clean, usable and quite levelled...You can walk properly in the bright day light...

If that be the case, why the EFF, so-called educated, civilized tie-clad youths, responsible college girls, civilization-written-on-my-face-type sophisticated elderly men and ladies, walk on the roads, and scold the biker - like me - who honk them to let them know that they are blocking the way????

August 20, 2004

St. Isabel Hospital

St. Isabel hospital is a nice, wonderful hospital situated in Mylapore, Chennai. Those who had gone there for their own treatment or to visit people known to them would know why I refer it as a nice,wonderful hospital. The ambience is neat and clean. Peaceful, with a spiritual touch, and doctors well-qualified, not Vasool-Raja MBBS but attached to the profession of health care.

This hospital is being run by Christian Charitable Institution, but never intruding with one's personal religious beliefs. The best part is this hospital is completely managed and run by ladies - otherwise for some male doctors and few wardboys, who are also part of this institution.

Right from hospital management, ward care, drug store maintenance to room cleaning, and other dormitory activities, it is run by ladies, ladies and ladies. No fancy MBAs.

The hospital has opened stream of employment for ladies from under-privileged society with even little education. Depending on their capability, they are placed in places ranging from drugstore to aayahs to ward-girls to biochemistry lab assistants. It is amazing how one institution has helped in the lives of so many under-privileged people, fantastically running the institutions without any major issues providing care, nursing, prayers and hope to so many.

Many corporates need to learn a lot from them in terms of corporate management, HR development, finance management, employment generation and most importantly women upliftment!!!

August 16, 2004


This Govt vehicle, driven by a Veerappan look-alike, with a (spineless, gut less) bureaucrat seated inside, came on the wrong side of the road today morning. It was near Santhome where the road is pretty narrow. He came at a break-neck speed.
I stopped, signalling him to get on right side of yellow line.
He raised his hand, and mouthed a very bad word.
I didn't budge, nor giving him way.
Traffic police asked me "Why am I getting in his way?" and asked me to give way.
All along, the bureaucrat sat reading the newspaper peacefully inside the car.
1. Is the bureaucrat blind?
2. Does he have a spine?
3. Does he have a gut?
4. Is he imbecile?

It takes a Jeyalalitha to do it...

A couple of months back, the Greenways road-Sathya studio junction underwent a bypass surgery (On an unrelated note, should I get Tamilnadu Doctors' association consent for stating the road reconstruction work as bypass surgery?) of its sewerage lines. What it still needs is a cosmetic makeover!

To put it simply - They dug it, filled it with sand and stone. And still it lies the same.

A new road has to be laid, but it can be seen nowhere in closest future. Only way, it can be done overnight is - Our beloved Amma - Dr. J. Jeyalalitha has to take the Greenways route to Rajbhavan, rather than the Kotturpuram road.

Ofcourse, PWD Minister and ex-Chief Minister O.Panneerselvam lives very nearby, but it takes only a Jeyalalitha to accoplish this...

Amma varuga varuga

August 10, 2004

Tamils' taste for humor!

When did Tamils' taste for Humor die? -- The question posed by Hemanth on his post about Tamil Mega Soaps, made me come out of my blogstipation.

You might have to start off with Dr. Mu. Ka. aka Great Kalaignar - who will make parody or offensive overtures and pass them as humor against his political rivals, but cannot accept even a small joke on him. MGR followed suit with a case against Ananda Vikatan editor.

Then Dr. JJ started doing this full-fledged. Absoultely no sense... of humor (of humor is not an after-thought addition...believe me)

Dr. Ramadoss is another biggest jerk who adds to this.

And, after that the so-called Dravidian Pagutharivu Pisaasugal started imposing these values on Tamils, slowly the population got influenced (or should I say de-fluenced?)

Today it has boiled down to the point that Doctors cant stand a title called 'Vasool Raja MBBS'!!!
Where do our so-called 'kal thondri mann thondra kaalathey, mun thondriya, nagaichuvai nirambiya, Tamizhargal' have time for taste for Humor?

Tamil's taste for humor has not died, but paralysed - which is worse!