August 20, 2004

St. Isabel Hospital

St. Isabel hospital is a nice, wonderful hospital situated in Mylapore, Chennai. Those who had gone there for their own treatment or to visit people known to them would know why I refer it as a nice,wonderful hospital. The ambience is neat and clean. Peaceful, with a spiritual touch, and doctors well-qualified, not Vasool-Raja MBBS but attached to the profession of health care.

This hospital is being run by Christian Charitable Institution, but never intruding with one's personal religious beliefs. The best part is this hospital is completely managed and run by ladies - otherwise for some male doctors and few wardboys, who are also part of this institution.

Right from hospital management, ward care, drug store maintenance to room cleaning, and other dormitory activities, it is run by ladies, ladies and ladies. No fancy MBAs.

The hospital has opened stream of employment for ladies from under-privileged society with even little education. Depending on their capability, they are placed in places ranging from drugstore to aayahs to ward-girls to biochemistry lab assistants. It is amazing how one institution has helped in the lives of so many under-privileged people, fantastically running the institutions without any major issues providing care, nursing, prayers and hope to so many.

Many corporates need to learn a lot from them in terms of corporate management, HR development, finance management, employment generation and most importantly women upliftment!!!

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