August 10, 2004

Tamils' taste for humor!

When did Tamils' taste for Humor die? -- The question posed by Hemanth on his post about Tamil Mega Soaps, made me come out of my blogstipation.

You might have to start off with Dr. Mu. Ka. aka Great Kalaignar - who will make parody or offensive overtures and pass them as humor against his political rivals, but cannot accept even a small joke on him. MGR followed suit with a case against Ananda Vikatan editor.

Then Dr. JJ started doing this full-fledged. Absoultely no sense... of humor (of humor is not an after-thought addition...believe me)

Dr. Ramadoss is another biggest jerk who adds to this.

And, after that the so-called Dravidian Pagutharivu Pisaasugal started imposing these values on Tamils, slowly the population got influenced (or should I say de-fluenced?)

Today it has boiled down to the point that Doctors cant stand a title called 'Vasool Raja MBBS'!!!
Where do our so-called 'kal thondri mann thondra kaalathey, mun thondriya, nagaichuvai nirambiya, Tamizhargal' have time for taste for Humor?

Tamil's taste for humor has not died, but paralysed - which is worse!

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