July 25, 2004

BREAKING NEWS: Sun TV & MDMK enter BPO Arena, start call centers

STATUTORY WARNING: This post is supposedly a dubakoor article, and possibly grouped under 'Humor'. If anyone prefers to take offence, please be aware you have full rights to do so.
Sun TV enters BPO, and starts a call center. This is a Korean Collaboration and named 'Kokkarakko Gummango'. The COOs are Chitti Babu and Archana. CTO for this venture is 'Pepsi Uma', now-a-days known as 'Jayachandran Textiles' Uma.

Buoyed by the entry strategy of Sun TV in call center, MDMK also entered BPO. Since they do not have any such leading figures to take CxO positions, MDMK preferred direct entry into BPO through Mergers & Acquisitions route.

As part of their M&A strategy, MDMK acquired fmous BPO player 'Office Tiger'. They plan nearshore strategy in Tamilnadu - India for an MNC with offices at Srilanka, London, Canada and Norway.

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