August 16, 2004

It takes a Jeyalalitha to do it...

A couple of months back, the Greenways road-Sathya studio junction underwent a bypass surgery (On an unrelated note, should I get Tamilnadu Doctors' association consent for stating the road reconstruction work as bypass surgery?) of its sewerage lines. What it still needs is a cosmetic makeover!

To put it simply - They dug it, filled it with sand and stone. And still it lies the same.

A new road has to be laid, but it can be seen nowhere in closest future. Only way, it can be done overnight is - Our beloved Amma - Dr. J. Jeyalalitha has to take the Greenways route to Rajbhavan, rather than the Kotturpuram road.

Ofcourse, PWD Minister and ex-Chief Minister O.Panneerselvam lives very nearby, but it takes only a Jeyalalitha to accoplish this...

Amma varuga varuga

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