August 30, 2004

What platform are you on?

The geeks of the world, before you go on ranting stuffs like Linux, Solaris, NT....For your kind information, I am not talking about the platform in comp.sci. lingo, but about the platform in Chennai - the US-ers conveniently call them as pavements.

It's true platforms have vanished in many parts of the city owing to flyovers, shop encroachments, and some have become unusable because of "Nature calls".

But, its wrong to write-off platforms utility stating this city does not have usable platforms and stuffs like that.

Am sure you must have seen places at Santhome, entire Adyar road stretch starting from Malar Hospitals to beyond Rajbhavan, pockets in Mount road, TNagar - just before Pondy Bazaar starts, Beach road, Dr. Radhakrishnan salai, Ashok Nagar, so on and so forth....
They are relatively clean, usable and quite levelled...You can walk properly in the bright day light...

If that be the case, why the EFF, so-called educated, civilized tie-clad youths, responsible college girls, civilization-written-on-my-face-type sophisticated elderly men and ladies, walk on the roads, and scold the biker - like me - who honk them to let them know that they are blocking the way????

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