December 05, 2005

Would you feel like working here?

Today I received a mail in Inbox. The subject read:
All positions; very hot…
I was about to dismiss the email as one of those e*ection, v.agra, elongation spams. I stopped on time, when I noticed MNC tagging along at the end of three dots. When I opened the email, it was a job offer email - courtesy some recruiter who got my profile and email-id from some source (which the agency did not quote).

When I read through the email, it was a totally irrelevant job profile and very bizarre. I was shocked at this trend - no seriousness whatsoever about an IT job, supposedly furthering career in IT. I do keep getting such job posting regularly. I was even more shocked to learn from my friends at offshore that calls - unsolicited - being made to mobile, office desk and home phones, by supposedly head-hunting agencies for some recruitment offer or other. These calls to the level of those credit-card sales calls.

Whats happening? If this is what is job-market boom, and such quality of people trying to recruit you, I wonder
How long before this bubble may burst?
Here is another recruitment email gem:
3 to 7years with strong .Net and SQL development background. Experince in Unit Integeration/Blackbox testing/automation tools is an added advantage. Database testing experience would be ideal.

Education :B.E.,B.TECH.,M.C.A.,M.E.
Experience :3 - 5 years
Job type :Full-time (Permanent Positions)

Still, the best one, yet to beat any other recruitment ad has been the one I saw in a national newspaper's Opportunities supplementary…it read thus, in mid-2000 as:

3 years experience in Windows 2000

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