November 29, 2005

Am I becoming anti-HINDU?

No, not an anti-HINDU as in Mu. Ka. As anti-Brahmin, but as in I-HATE-THE HINDU NEWSPAPER…I don’t really know. But THE HINDU is slipping away in its level of reputation and image it had in me. So it seems like in many other people as well.

<a href=""> Chakra </a> today sent me this link <a href="">about THE HINDU's "inadvertent lifting of NYTimes inspired article on Alexander" </a>

Some obvious questions that pop up are:
1. Is the Editor-In-Charge so much allergic to internet, they don’t read articles from other newspapers' online versions?

2. Did the author think that readers of THE HINDU are so internetologically so impaired and web-access wise so challenged like China, UAE or any other fundamentalistic nation that the readers cannot recognize direct lift-offs from foreign newspapers?

3. Did the author realize he violated the copyrights, and he could be easily implicated by law, and so the relevant Editor-in-Charge? Running to Bangalore this time may not be useful.

It is a pity, we are such a big democratic country, no press control, no censorship, still we do not have a single quality national newspaper (TEHELKA is not a newspaper, it is a refined and more honest JUNIOR VIKATAN); no unbiased one like THE TIMES (as in UK) or like NEWYORK TIMES;

THE HINDU used to be quite different in good few years back. The least we can expect from THE HINDU is either true writing or atleast credit for relevant places from where the content is being lifted. If it cannot be done, least they can do is reduce the premium charged by THE HINDU as cost of the newspaper.

Google News is free, so must be THE HINDU!

(PS: Last time, similar thing happened in my office - lift off pieces of Java program from open source software, the respective Tehnical Architect was fired; Another colleague quipped that such a thing happened in his previous project with an international bank, Police came and arrested the Architect and Manager in the office itself.)

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sakthi said...

I also share your comment.THE HINDU is a strange animal. It carries advertisement for hihh end cars at the same time commenting why india should not become a car crazy country liki US.It never writes a single line condemning CHINESE NUCLEAR TESTS, but ran a crusade against BJP for doing just one set of tests.It never writes about CHINA-PAK nuclear nexus,but vehemently opposses the INDO-US nuclear accord. IT epitomises CHINA's reforms which began ten years ago, but rants continuosly against indian reforms.It never says that there are currently only two nations i.e CHINA and PAKISTAN that are oppposing the INDO-US nuclear deal.It glorifies CHINA's occupation of tibet knowing fully well the serious implication to INDIA's interest.It will never write about the GWADOR port and why the chinese are funding it.It glorifies the manufacturing sector of CHINA which is producing cheap dangerous dupes while polluting the country enmasse without any meaningful pollution control.At the same breadth it does it atmost to belittle INDIAN SOFTWARE INDUSTRY's acheivements.You can read it once a fortnight how INDIAN IT SECTOR is plucking young minds and making them cyber coolies while glorifying CHINESE MANUFACTURING SECTOR which turns out cheap contract labored products without one single global brand name of repute.IT never investigates the opacity of CHINESE INDUSTRY's balance sheeets while continuously ranting against P-N notes in INDIAN EXCHANGES.THE HINDU never investigates how CHINESE PSUs borrowing from CHINESE PSU BANKS with opaque balance sheets and all turning into NPAs.It glorifies the CHINESE MEDIA CENSHORSHIP.It writes breathtaking improvements in TIBET in its FRONTLINE magazine never mentioning the fact that the trip was sponsored by CHINESE government.During the past presidential campaign it never wrote a single word in defence of ABDUL KALAM while sneering at him for saying that he will accept second term if majority favours it in a seperate editorial.It stoutly defended bank scam accused senile governer PRATIBA PATIL against ABDUL KALAM with gusto.You can never read an article criticizing the COMMUNISTS in KERALA and WEST BENGAL.HOW every industry shut shop in CALCUTTA is not news to THE can go on forever like this.FORWARD THIS comment to ALL unwary readers of THE HINDU