November 23, 2005

Chaos, corporates and the work culture!

Recently, I was forwarded <a href="">this article</a>, written by Harshad Oak. It is all about the IT work environs in India - I subscribe to most of the views.

If what is written there is TRUE, there is a new trend emerging in today's IT Corporate Culture - especially in India. Here is something, one of my mentors shared with me - which is sadly true. More of degeneration.

We all live out of confusion. Corporates exist out of confusion, thats the way we all have jobs. This funda was given to me when I was in xxxxxxxxx.

The more the confusion, the better and more are the job prospects. I also learnt that if there is a problem, don't try to solve it. Send out status to all concerned, escalate, call for meetings, ask for a risk management plan, create issue tracker, do all the things but don't solve it. This way, you have a job, your manager has a job, and other people have a job to do. Amazing, isn't it?

Well, I have reached the threshold, but am managing well and I have also started following the fundas I generally give to all. I am also contributing my share to the confusion and all seem to be happy with me. Life sucks otherwise.

Painfully I am experiencing this too all around. Perhaps, it is time to go the way like Shankar Mahadevan (quit Oracle to become a full-time musician), Gowtham (engineer who quit to make movies), Shashi Chimala (who sold his Indigo Technologies and started Qwikys), those IT guys who started "Chakkara pongal restaurant in TNagar"…or maybe perhaps, take a leaf out of <a href=""> Bala's latest venture </a> (fellow blogger who quit his IT job, and happily doing a course on HISTORY at Madurai Kamaraj University)

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