November 28, 2005

New SUN TV show - MK acting in "Just for jest"

MK is playing his favorite gameline which as every Tamilian knows is "Anti-brahmin" line.

{Those who don’t understand the HEAD or TAIL what I am ranting, please read last one month's newspaper and come back here…a context would be obtained}

Recently, his comment about Mrs. Suhasini's support for Khusboo is something like that. He further stated that this feedback was of DPA's voice. The communist parties immediately rebutted saying this is neother DPA's comment, nor does communist parties subscribe to it. They further called for MK not to tag the pre-marital sex issue in casteist lines.

In his usual way, MK responded saying "he was mis-quoted" and "mis-understood"…and apparently, he said this in a jest.

No wonder politicians make good jesters.

Some of the key things to note here are:
1. MK did not have any personal comment about Khushboo. Was it because of the gentlemanliness that disagreeing with a viewpoint doesn't necessarily have a personal attack thingy…absolutely not! It is his little calculation about minority community vote to which Khushboo belongs.

2. MK did not condemn the cheap behavior of TAMIL CULTURAL PROTECTION GOONDAs in the wake of Khushboo's appearance in courts. Because MK's mind would have calculated "The people who displayed such boorish behavior " are from his own alliance members. Condemning them would mean giving the alliance parties a chance to pressurise him during seat negotiation or even threats to pull-outs. Already MK is devastated by the popularity of these political parties, which use the same tactics he had used long back.

3. MK chose to crack a passing comment on Suhasini's community - not on Suhasini's comments; Because he knows the brahmin community is the one which will "vaayaiyum, adhaiyum moodindu pova..."! MK's favorite political game is this. But this time, he is careful. Having looked at condemnations like this from Communist parties, he is quick to recover and state it is all mis-quoted and a jest. Because given other jaathi (caste) parties' increasing popularity, he doesn’t want to tag anti-brahmin line and lose those votes as well. Otherwise, MK would have made a statement to the effect "Suhasini yellam avaa..avaa mattum tamil jananganu ninaichundu irukka..ithu yenna sankara madam-a?"

MK - Multi calculation Karunanidhi

Having withdrawn Dayalu ammal (MK's wife) share from SUN TV, apparently MK is thinking of releasing a new weekly English mag from the house of Murasoli as reported by Vikatan. I am not able to resist this piece of sarcasm - why do they(DMK) need a weekly, when they already have a daily in English? ENGLISH MURASOLI aka  THE HINDU

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