February 04, 2007

Autorickshaws and Chennai Police

Recently Government revised the auto fare strcuture. There was huge campaigning also from Chennai City Police insisting that auto drivers enforce the new fare and do no charge unreasonable rates, while urging the general public to file complaints with Police.

A couple of days later, Chennai City Police, while talking about the effectiveness of regulation system, opined "no complaints from general public so far"...

Some key points to note:
- There is a general public apathy about the effectiveness of action taken on complaints lodged with Police for minor violations. The point here is the entire process is very time consuming, and mostly pointless. By reporting against the erring auto driver, what does the person who complained gains.
- The public already saw the courage and honesty of Police during a mass-rigging corporation election. The police were mute spectators. The police went onto make a public statement - "No law and order issues during the corporation election".
The credibility of Police went in for a toss. Why would any public believe that police would take action against the law violation, when they were dumb and numb during such massive violence during corporation election.?
-- Coming to the attitude of autowallahs, the meters, especially electronic meter fitted autos are flagged down to show to the police they are using the meter. However, the commuter is not spared. Still it is only a flat rate. The autowallahs dont bother. They simply refuse to come, if you insist on "using the meter"
-- So, you can complain to Police. Unfortunately not. Apparently the law violation must have occurred. It is right of autowallah to say "NO" to a business, he has still not committed the violation. So you cant complain.

What is the point in lodging a complaint anyway.


Chakra Sampath said...

idhe madhiri pesinde po... lathika saran is gonna send an auto to your house.

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

I have a post in my Tamil blog on the atrocities of Autos in Chennai. When you are free, check that out too:

ஆட்டோவின் அட்டகாசங்கள்

Agn! Sharman said...

What you mean "The credibility of Police went in for a toss". As if they had any...

Read my recent story that happened on 12th December 2007.

Its funny that the city police website does not have a option to make a complaint against any policemen. I am not sure if its left intentionally.

I wanted to apply for a driving license and needed a letter of clearance from local police. The policeman who took all my documents had demanded Rs.200.

I showed sign of not agreeing with him, then he asked me to buy him a packet of copier papers for the police station. To which I agreed, atleast will have a satisfaction of donating it to the police station.

Now he has made me run up and down three times to the police station for the same.

I wonder if there is any policemen left in the Chennai City police force, who does his job without taking any bribe.

"Shame on you once again Chennai City Police."

Agni Sharman

My other experience with the Chennai city Police is here in detail, for which they DARE NOT TAKE ANY ACTION for the police woman must be some politicians mistresss LOL. Read more @ http://www.agnisharman.com/chennaicitypolice.htm

Procopia said...

Great work.