December 29, 2004

Maybe we are not new to Tsunami...

If people of Madras can recall, the Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore is not in its original location. Initially it was well-behind the place which is now Santhome church. There are legends that sea ate the old temple, and new one was restored in current location.
Next Mahabalipuram, we know that the temples were submerged under sea.
We also know about the stories of Chola kings, how they went on to establish their kingdoms in now known areas like Sumatra, Bali, Java islands. And the legends of sea fury also have been narrated so many times.
Maybe we had all along been in the belt of sea fury - only we were not aware...the tectonic movements rendered the land movement that we currently have the chunk of land called Indian subcontinent.
Can any geophysicist/geologist track such movements? Is there any geographical shift happening? Is South India coastal line becoming one of those furious wave-filled beaches that we have heard in stories?

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