December 29, 2004

Who is Nero - Ganguly or BCCI chairman?

  • Aussie cricketers donate their second test prize money for Tsunami relief.
  • Muthiah Muralidharan escapes Tsunami narrowly. The report states - He had hoped to join the team for next month's Test series but said it would now be difficult for him to join his team mates.
    "Something like this has never happened in my country," Muralitharan said. "In my opinion it is not the right time for cricket ... there is a lot of organising to do, a lot of feeding people."
  • Srilanka puts the tour on hold...Srilankan cricket board added that all matches, whether international or domestic, would be postponed in recognition of a five-day period of national mourning in Sri Lanka
  • Not wanting to miss the game money and an opportunity to grab a few winning feathers under cap, Indian cricket team and BCCI -- bunch of Nero -- play two successive matches both on Sunday and Monday - day of Tsunami and the next day. They happily gather their prize money, wear a black strap -- like those Dravidian parties, and come hom with a cup.

Do we still need to be crazy and fanatic about cricket?

I only pray God that cine actors and cricketers do not take out a procession or visit the affected areas to offer their "empathy" for the Tsunami victims...

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