September 14, 2006

Peace unto you PS20!

I just dont know what to blog. This post is for One of our close friends, Shriram fondly remembered as PS20, after his roll number at Loyola College. We did our BSc (Stats) from Loyola College and belong to the "P" batch, and a real "P" in the "A" for our professors.
My son is named after several S(h)rirams I know, who all are very good people and absolutely great human beings. And of these, this PS20 is real special.
PS 20 : a very soft spoken and ever smiling boy.
He made his mark by getting the maximum number of BOOs in our college cultural show Ovations. He made himself famous by falling into the treacherous plot of making him sing "Nila athu vanathu melay", and our percusionist and other instrument players, who went onto to conduct their own piece of music for this song. PS20, not the one to give up so easily, went onto narrate the entire song, and still claimed to us "he actually sang"
Even today, when I called up some of my ex college mates, they remembered him as"yaaru antha kannadi pottundu, vudaama nayagan paattu muzhukka paadinaanay avana?".
When we went to meet him today, he just cudnt sing anything.
Thats because, this guy who joked about how he could get a tumour, when he didnt have brain at all, was in an Ice Box with his famous Smile.
Peace to your soul da.

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