September 14, 2006

Seven year itch

Dear S,
Though you were not my dream at first, I was forced to engage with you around eight years back. A year later, we formalised our relationship. It was a relationship, I entered with chastity, loyalty and lot of excitement and expectations.
It was interesting at first. Then slowly started getting drifty and tentative. You know I dont like tentativeness. So I asked for assurance and security. You promised all that, and added new dimensions to me. I felt absolutely great.
You were very supportive too, in my tough times. Like the financial need. Like my father's death. I got so sentimaentally attached to you.
But it is a different fact you didnt have same level of loyalty, nor did you display the fondness I expected from you. The relationship started turning sour.
Do you remember, 2 years back, our relationship got so bad, I wanted to simply walk away? But, you promised me so many things, and we had a change of location. It suited me well.
But then now 7 years have passed, and the 7 year itch has started getting on to me. I cant hold any longer. Every smal;l thing I get so easily agitated and irritated.
I think It is good for us to be separated now. You have so many people in your life now. I do have choices too.
I am getting onto a union with I on Sept 18.
It was a very nice relationship with you. But I want to move on.
Hope life gives the best for both of us.
Take Care
Good Bye!
PS: I recently resigned from my prev employer after a rather long stint at S. And this is my parting letter to S.

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