September 15, 2006

Impressive Railways

Recently I had to undertake a trip to Bangalore, and I was so lazy to go to a Railway Ticket booking counter, stand there and get the ticket booked. The option of using a travel agent was also not enticing because of 2 reasons: bit high service charges, and no guarantee if the person really understood my requirement and will be able to quickly think and decide.
I had heard of IRCTC:The railways website for internet ticket booking. But the concept of tikcet getting couriered was a little tacky. I decided to check out the site anyway. And oh boy! What a surprise!!
They had introduced eTickets. The booking was a breeze, not too many information request to piss the person off. You could check availability and different ticket, class, seat type combinations. And what more, the ticket can be booked till the time of chart preparation.
The payment is through number of ways including Bank accounts, credit cards. Even EMI options. Yes, EMI options, specifically provided by some banks. A decent internet connection is all you need.
The cancellation and failed payment transaction refund was also a breeze. A confirmation email is sent to you, and the money is safely credited back to you even if a transaction fails.
They even have frequent flier type of thing in the name of "shubh yatra" scheme. Few tieups too. Railways is becoming tech friendly and savvy.
Just cool.
Next time you want to go on a train journey, log on to

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