October 26, 2006


  • Vijayakanth's DMDK garnered 3% of votes this local body elections. Amma says "what is so great in 3%? Even MDMK got so much votes."
  • Amma says DMDK is as worthless as MDMK? VaiKo - Please note. Time to do a Thirumavalavan?
  • Being in an alliance with a larger party doesnt necessarily mean advantage. DMDK stood alone and got 3%; while MDMK also got 3% only, even after aligning with a bigger party like ADMK. Was there any point in either the DPI or MDMK to side with larger parties?
  • ADMK says DMK unleashed violence in local polls. DMK says didnt ADMK do it in 2001. The level of violence/abuse is not as sporadic as in 2001.
  • And for you and me, we listen to both these statements as mute spectators completely impotent and incapable to do anything at all.
  • "I wont vote then" attitude doesnt help too, because someone will cast the vote anyway.
  • Democracy in Tamilnadu sucks

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