August 15, 2009

Yahoo...its official

Oh yes...I think I am officially out of the long-term blogstipation ; and require some adjustment and that should explain my 4th post of the day today and the 5 posts in the immediate past...some bit of bloggorhea...kindly excuse!
I would like to recall the famous heart-touching philosophical lyrics that has been a life-changer for me, as an inspiration for this bloggorhea, from Student No:1
"varaamalay poga mudiyuma,
vandhuvitta nirutha mudiyala"

1 comment:

Sheela said...

LOL - why do potty jokes still make me laugh? And, those lyrics are just so darn perfect!

p.s: Loves meeting our lovely wife and Chamathu "Brat" and Adorable "Ammu" :)