August 15, 2009

L. Kishore Kumar - Sitar Musician

It was a very proud moment for me to watch my dear friend from Loyola College days, Shri L. Kishore Kumar sharing the dais with esteemed playback singer Shri S. P. Balasubrahmanyam as a judge in Hamam Nalangu Maavu - Ennodu Paattu Paadungal. He is the son of veteran music director Shri T. G. Lingappa - no more alive - who has composed some immemorable songs like "Kaana inbam kaninthatheno", "Chithiram Pesuthadi" "Onnula Irunthu Irubathu Varaikkum kondattam" and many more in Kannada and Telugu. But Kishore struggled a lot to establish himself as a Musician in the Cine field. He wanted to create a unique name for himself, and not linger under the shadows of his father's pride.
He is today a well-known Sitar Player in the Cine Field. He has composed under several great musicians of today. If I remember correctly, he is one of the very few in the South Indian Cine field who can also play a "Sarangi"
Yeah, how do I know him? He was my class mate more than a decade ago in the Loyola College - Statistics Department, "P" batch - if that means something to someone. We were good friends, and managed to maintain our friendship even after so many days, and after being in different fields. Some of the uniting factors for us: mutual respect for our talents, similar tastes in music appreciation, losing dad at an early age, inheriting diabetes from the Father, simple and humble lifehood, being in mylapore, nageswara rao park walks...
The significant part ofour friendship nurturing dates back to college days, when we would go to Kapaleeswarar Temple and spend time chatting up for a long time. (And another routine that nurtured my friendship with yet another great friend Lakshminarasimhan is - long walks in the Marina Beach on sundays, and spending hours of chatting). These are some of my self-awareness growing years, and these two played a significant role at that point of time.
A very unassuming, and highly approachable person he is; and he is extremely talented in his chosen field. May God and wishes from elderly musicians and from his father, take him to good heights in his chosen career. I am so happy to write this post.