August 13, 2009

Helmets are meant for menial Public you and me..

...of course it is legal for POLICEMEN near VIP areas like Chief Minister House and Opposition Party Leaders House to streak down without a helmet;
Clicked on August 12 2009 @ 4.15pm
Vehicle No: TN 09 V 6355

Location: The street cutting off TTK Road, Alwarpet, and leading into CIT Colony; the road straight goes and cuts left and right. Few meters away on the right is a VVIP house.
Clicked on July 25 2009 @ 4.26pm
Vehicle No: TN 01 R 4601
Location: Cathedral Road, outside Stella Maris, near Poes Garden; again a VVIP area

Of course, the idea and issue about safety, and the traffic laws are applicable only to menial public you and me.
Ignorance of Law is not an excuse, then what will ignoring of the law entail? I feel absolutely safe and happy living amidst such law-protectors...of course, long back, my spine has been extracted in a special procedure so as to accept myself as part of this Generation!

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