August 10, 2009

Walk the talk, Run for Fun - Day 1

Nageswara rao Park walkers path has 2 trails - one for 500m, another for 250m;
Goal is to cover 7km as walk first, then as jogging and ultimately start running.
Yesterday was Day 1; walked for 4 rounds on the 500m trail; jogged once in the 250m trail.
Am used to walking distances of 3-4km in one shot,but not run or jog.
Jogging was a different experience altogether. My entire innards were jumping and was also feeling heavy. But since it is just 250m, thankfully I was able to endure it; i was not gasping for breath or anything. However, I wasn't too enthusiastic to try endurance level again.
Thats it for Day one!
For Day 2, I intend trying out road route for 3.5kms walk, so that I know the distance coverage. Sometimes it becomes boring just inside the park to cover 14 rounds (7 kms coverage), so I wanted to hcekc out roadside.


cvraman said...

Walk when you talk ... no need to walk the talk

Guruprasad said...

HEE HEE HEE..ROMBA sandhoshamda...apdiyay pannuraen...