August 10, 2009

Walk the Talk, Run for Fun - Day 2

Day 2; I took my scooter to first measure the 7km trail around in Mylapore; I was so shocked to find out that the route covering Luz Church Road, De Silva Road, entire stretch C. P. Ramaswamy road, St. Marys Road turning towards Crean Center, the road joining near Hotel Sangeetha, and all the way upto the Axis Bank, was just 2.5kms. This means I need to go from my home, and maybe up to the Boat Club of Adyar and return back. Else, I could try going up to the Beach and walk back. Either route will be densely trafficked during the time I commence my so-called walking. So, I decided I will right now stick to NageswarRao Park, and to avoid boredom will have MP3 player and listening to songs.
SO Began Day 2 Trail:
4 rounds (2kms) only I could do; because it was already 830, and had to get home to help get my daughter ready for school. I did one single jog of the 250m trail, though I wanted to try 2 rounds; stopped with one, as I didnt want to push the endurance limits on Day 2 itself. Also, I was getting late.
So for Day 3, agenda is to cover 5 rounds of walking (for 500m trail) and 1 round of jogging on the same 500m trail. But, make this timebound - 750am to 830am; i will cut short one of them, if I am unable to cover anything in the designated timing.

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