June 04, 2004

Bloggorhea and blogstipation

A new type of psychological (dis)order has been observed in world of blogs. Blogomanic hysteria - experiencing bouts of alternate high-energy levels (of blog posting, taking comments section into a complete bulletin board types) - Bloggorhea - and low-energy level manic depressions (close to a week not posted anything, hitting F5 continuously to see if someone is leaving atleast a comment for some old post) - Blogstipation.

Let us probe further...but before that, a Warning!
Statutory Notice: If you find any inadvertent or overt references (read that as 'digs at you') to you, pls note that I am adopting famous style of writer Sujatha - mixing up incidents from many characters under one concept. It may not be completely you! Even after this warning, if you felt, some points were specific pun on you, Bingo! You are right. They are on you...pls take it lightly.

Bloggorhea : Some incidents/events trigger this in some bloggers. For instance, we had a blogger posting 22 posts in a single day when 2004-election results were out. Another blogger had this running in last week, when he wanted to post continuously for a week. In fact, the 7th day when he didn't have anything to post, he posted his desire to post on all 7 days, and even posted one of his perennial philosophical ponderings. And we have Dubukku posts - travails of his past experiences.

This is not a serious condition. But Blogstipation is.

Blogstipation (TAMIL: Valaichikkal): Some call this blogger's block, some call it creativity exhaustion, some term this as burn-out on writing topics...but a serious condition though. Normally the symptoms are
a. not posting anything for sometime and cheking if site meter still increases
b. Hit F5 continuously to see if COMMENTS section is updated
c. and well, the point is - you know when you have a Blogstipation.

Following best practices have been observed by me to overcome Blogstipation
Super Hit Muqabla: This will ease out Blogstipation. If you have doubt, just go on to some blogs and carefully scrutinize. You might observe that some bloggers who suddenly do not post regularly, would have churned Top 10 lists. Some examples : 'Best tamil comedy movies collection', 'Ten things to do in my life', 'Ten worst books I have read'
Gyabagam varuthe, gyabagam varuthe: From the time, you got yourself your first email-id, you must have received several forwards. Pick out one of them and post it, with your own little twist in it.
Summer of '69: 'Those were the best days of my life2 - so goes the famous song by Bryan Adams which reminisces all that happened long back. Similarly, many bloggers start writing their yesteryears. Even more specifically about their young age experience in some specific place. You can easily say you were inspired by Sujatha's "Srirangathu Thevathaigal"
Philosophic ramblings: This is another common technique/ploy used by experienced bloggers. Asking philosophical questions, writing abstract statements.
Hee hee hee...Writing a post like this

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