June 28, 2004

Adanga Maattiyaa nee?

I attempted writing crime thriller in my 8th standard summer holidays involving four characters teaming up to form a detective agency and solve a mystery. One of my friends, after reading the novel, stopped being friends with me. Most of my friends were part of detective agency, and me, ofcourse the chief of the agency in the novel. But I had him left out in the story. Torn between friendship and lierary skills, I made an emotional decision to uphold the strength of friendship over literary interest. Besides, I had to recover all the foreign stamps that I had given him (can you imgine losing a Ghana stamp or a Helvetia stamp?). Because he thereatened to burn them all, if I didnt stop writing that novel.

The writer's itch came again to me in my 11th standard, when my English teacher said, "Guru, you must write and give something for a school magazine". I asked her if it can be a novel or should it be a short story. She gave me a weird glance and said, "I want you to write an essay on Patriotism and it should not exceed 1000 words". Enraged by the creative block she put on me, I went ahead and copied an essay from 'Suras essay book' and gave it to her. It got rejected because one of my classmates had raced ahead of me in giving such an essay from same Suras book. And that was the second time, when my writer's itch was scratched badly.

Once in college, I was so amazed by a different world of literature altogether and realized I have a long way to go before embarking upon writng a novel. This time my attention was directed towards reporting. No, I don't mean the reports I gave about the person who snatched my paper away in an exam, so that I had to write the entire exam again within the stipulated time. But the kind of reports that is being written in magazines. There was no tamil magazine in ur college. So I started one. We had 3 issues coming up. Out of the 3 issues that came out, there were 3 issues(problems) in each. Because Chennai Corporate World did not braze itself for a wonderful opportunity of reaching to so many students through a Tamil magazine, the magazine had to be stopped.

Significant resumption of my writing skills came to the forefront again, when I was in the Pre-sales team of my company. While preparing proposals, corporate summary and PPT, I'd write rave things about my company and solutions. My boss called me once and said,"If you keep writing all the junk and grandiose sentences in the proposals, soon both of us would be sent home because of lack of business...", and he put a stop by asking me to do only market research.

And then, I found out about blogs and the hapless victims like you lurking around on the net, and I started this blogspot. And my wife told me this

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