June 04, 2004

Oh yuva yoovaa, oh yooovaaa....

It was sad to see unkind commentaries bashed out on Yuva/Aitha Ezuthu in many movie review sites. And many seemed to reflect the thought character of Michael - the brilliant student protagnist - is out of touch with reality.
Ajay Devgan(Surya in Tamil)'s character, Maniratnam quoted in a TV interview in a Tamil channel, was inspired by an Osmania University student character who was so brilliant, and at the same time aggressive, knowing nuances of politics, patriotic that he didnt want to leave his country etc. He was done to death by political activists. Maniratnam said this character was an extension of wishful thinking what if this person survived and made it into real politics.
Not a hard to believe story line.
IN TN, we already have instances of people like C.N.Annadurai who were great orators in college, quite studious who took to student movements, drifted into Dravidian politics and made it to CM post of Tamilnadu.
Perhaps the reason why Aitha ezuthu - Tamil version of Yuva - is doing good rounds out here in TN and Yuva posting a good show in AP. People are relate to what is being said because these things 'happened' in reality. Nothing wrong in mixing a dose of wishful thinking.
From that perspective, AE/Yuva is indeed a good movie with a positive outlook from Maniratnam. He has also brought in a different kind of narrative technique to the story - the point of views and their convergence and a conclusion of the convergence.
Yuva had xxxx Puri (I dont remember which Puri...very very sorry) in Politician role which was stereotypical according to many. Perhaps true. Maniratnam again in the above-mentioned TV interview quoted, he wanted a fresh face that did not reflect villain as typical-movie-politician-villain...he had ace director Bharathiraja acting in Tamil version. But with choice of Mr. Puri in 'Yuva', it is Mr. Puri who stands out and not the politician. Perhaps, Maniratnam could have countered this with a different person in that cast.
There are also accusations music is not good. Well, the CDs are selling well, gone down well with A.R.Rehman's music-loving-genre. Ok, forget sales. The variety in the songs offered by A.R.Rehman is laudable - trance, hard rock, rock and roll, jazz, folk - all type of songs are there. Background score - this is never ARR's forte. Let us not expect much and then blame the background score.
So, in all, what I want to say, don't be too unfair to Maniratnam!

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