June 24, 2004

Baby's day out

Too much Blogstipation now-a-days...
Here is one of the methods...talk about personal life! Be forewarned though, you need to ensure you are talking nice things. Then, you will feel nice about yourselves too!!!

Here let me talk about my kuttypayal Sriram. He is now 3 months old, but his leelaigal...as parents, me and my wife go ga-ga-goo....She has gushed a lot about his skills and abilities. Let me bring up another humourous aspect of Sriram and the entertainment he keeps giving us.

Sriram is a big nature-lover. Why else would he attend to nature's call in successive frequent timing? We would be tying the nappy. In the cycle gap of nappy tying and adjusting the little gap in nappy, he'd gleefully empty his bladder again through the narrow exit...mostly in our hands.

A hilarious incident, we had been to Paediatrician for regular check-up. There were other babies too. My Mother-in-law was having him with her seated next to another lady with a kid. Our kutti fellow just cant resist, he aims the neighbouring kid and starts the ceremony. My MIL frantically kept her hand on the flow to avoid him hitting the kid, immdtly kutty fellow changes direction to position everything on himself. She immdtly shifts position, not giving up, Sriram - enraged htis time because his attempts foiled twice - directs himself at my MIL. Everyone in the clinic were laughing their hearts out.

Sriram is bound to grow up into a good music critic - maybe like Subbudu.
Sriram is a great lover of music - in any form. Even my musical form that hovers anywhere between anywhere between a cat's whining and an afternoon's post-lunch status meetings.
Sriram wants to be sung a song to calm down, and at times, to sleep. My sister who is a trained singer, sings nice songs for him. He'd be just listening to the songs, and suddenly try to modulate his voice in a musical fashion. But he wont sleep then, because he'll listen to them.
Well, we need to sleep too. So I'd start singing. Guaranteed sleep for Sriram in 10-15 minutes. Actually, he needs monotonous noise to put him to sleep. One of my friends remarked, he will become a good music critic listening to all my songs. He can thus differentiate good singing, bad singing and my-type-of-singing. So when I start singing for him, and before my neighbours start to think am torturing a poor cat a lot, and ask me to release the cat, I need to put an end to my musical career. The world would then feel that they have killed great musical genius of a budding artist (thats - just to re-confirm - me!!) with its cynicism...hhhmmmphhh...who cares, as long as Sriram doesnt cry listening to my singing!

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