March 10, 2004

Star Nite - 2004

Election 2004 = Star Nite 2004
Key Sponsors: BJP, Congress
Co- sponsors in TN: AIADMK, DMK, PMK, MDMK
Event Organizers: CEC, India

Election flu officially caught on yesterday in TN with JJ starting her campaign from our street end. Really! From Ice House in Chennai. The way she introduced ADMK candidates, she looked all set for Mahabharat fact, the formation of candidates resembled one of Arrow formation!
We have lots of glamor and glitz in this election. From Yuktha Mookhee to Navajot Sidhu, and their unparalleled nuggets of wisdom is going to be showered on us whether we like it or not.
Sidhu already in his elements in the interview here in rediff.
All walls in Chennai taken over already by Kalaignar, Puratchi Tahalivi, Super Star, Ayya, Puratchi Puyal, Annai(that's Sonia Gandhi for you).
Krishnamachari Srikkanth and Navjot Singh Sidhu to campaign for BJP
Zeenat Aman campaign for Congress

Ada paavigala...

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