March 16, 2004

Spine, Guts, Will, Commitment, Care, Hope, Help...what else is missing??

Today I took a right turn near Besant Nagar-Indira Nagar signal on my green signal. Despite the fact the vehicles were moving on the green, a bus (Route No: 19) was coolly coming from opposite side (He had 'Red').

I stopped my moped right in front of his bus, and started shouting at him. I noticed a traffic cop controlling the signals watching this entire incident. I went up to him, and complained. He asked me to mind my own business and stop complaining, and if I didn't, I had to show all my license, RC book, Tax papers etc. I was totally taken aback as to WHY I HAD TO SHOW MY PAPERS, when I complained that a bus is violating the traffic rule.

With pain, I see that an article I wrote a year back still holds good.

It was the signal near Beijing Blues yesterday.

No free left at that point! Traffic signals didn't work either.

A 29C bus turned with lots of speed and took a deep curve. "Well, when a 29C can turn, why not this Scooty?", thought the gentleman in executive dressing and turned along, but ofcourse slowly. One of the White-Khaki brigade came towrds him as soon as he turned flapping his arms, as though taking a flight. The Scooty stops.

"Yenna Sir, there is no free left, can't you see?" - Police

"But no sign, signal also blank" - Scooty

"What blank? Turn and see the green"

The Green indeed was on. When the Green is not on, it is upto you to assume, understand and abide that it is Red.

"Paathachilla, show me all papers..." - Police

"I have"

"Ok, all papers are up for not obeying Red" - Police

"Sir, there is no Red, the bus turned, so I also turned"

"Oh you are one of those kinds..." - Police calls up another colleague who is lazily watching 27D do a signal hopping. The signal on this side is working and is glowing Red. A young girl is taking a right turn in her Sunny. All this hardly mattered to 27D, came afst, sedning shivers down to riders on the road. "He is like the when-others-do-why-not-I-kinds" Both of them are amused.

Stop! Haven't you seen this scene daily on the roads?

What do the Police lack when they watch the Bus, MetroWater lorries, the Autos, vehicles with a "G" and those who have "Press" imprinted on their windows hop the traffic signals, flout traffic norms, lose complete discipline and care a damn for their fellow travellers? How come the Police are behind mostly the two-wheelers? Do they think that the two-wheelers are the only cause for complete indiscipline on roads?

When Mr. Sastry or Mr. Rajagopalan make a statement in the press about various traffic rules flouters, how come they lose sight of other than common-man driven vehicles?

Is it because the Police lacks guts,let alone the Will to take them to task?

Following is an everyday sight on the Anna Salai Gemini Flyover and on Beach Road.

The so-called Judges who upkeep legal high command in the road, the vehicles on a G string have as drivers the visually impaired and mentally less-endowed.

Then how else can one explain the driving by these drivers?

They can't see the yellow line, they can't spot the traffic lights, and they will aggressively show obscene gestures. If possible, open the door (right in the middle of the road) and hurl abuse at the vehicle rider who is actually driving right.

The best part is that the bureaucrats inside the vehicle seem completely thick-skinned and blind-eyed to all these. Kudos to such bureaucrats for employing similar physically challenged people.

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