March 03, 2004

Sahana - Sindhu Bhairavi -- Part 2

Good entertaining serial. Sahana is thuru-thuru. Though the character started off as one of those usual K.Balachander characters - over smart, extra hype. But character has shaped up well now.
Serial is also good with KB introducing his usual sikkal in story - Sahana in love with Surya. But Surya is son of JKB and Sindhu, while Sahana is valarppu ponn of Sindhu.
But some of the problems with the serial
* 'Malachikkal Maama' - YG Mahendra as JKB. JKB grunts atleast twice for every sentence. Looks like he is having constipation
* 'Antha kaalathu aatha' - Sindhu aka Indhu. Her dialogue delivery reminds me of those old Ranjan movie heroines. Like someone is pulling her mouth when she speaks.
* ALso the general rule of serial seems to be 35+ people falling in love

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