March 18, 2004

Channel Chips

Nickleodeon - a channel akin to Pogo - to launch three new shows with Whoopi Goldberg in one, Jamie Spears (sister of clothing-challenged diva Britney Spears - Thanks Adrants) in one and Emma Roberts (Julia Roberts cousin)

Gyan Darshan -- a DD channel. All day long, someone or other keeps solving some maths problem or doing a differential/integral or explains chemical reactions. No intermissions, no breaks. One of the few real potential of a medium like TV.

Samskar -- Most of the times, one mama with a lengthy tilak on forehead and clad in a Banian, keeps preaching something or there. One white Krishna Idol with a frozen smile at the end of a flute keeps staring at you. Have you ever noticed?

God -- Christian version of Samskar

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