March 26, 2004


After watching Lord of the Rings, one nagging thought I had in mind - Why there had been no attempts to film 'Mahabharat - the great epic' completely?
And then I read this Pavithra's blog entry and comments made by visitors. That really sparked off this blog entry.

Mahabharat is a mythological story - an epic, that has all elements of an entertainer - human emotions, dynasties, kings, magic, spiritualism, deceit, thrill, adventure, war.

Mahabharat (MB for short) is ofcourse a story that cannot be contained in a single 3 hour movie. A trilogy is a great idea. It has all the elements to be presented in a nice visual medium. It was a good move to have it shot as a TV serial so as to not to miss any of the side stories. {MB is known for side stories}

But then, I felt TV serial killed the very crux of MB, and the spirit that can be brought in a trilogy. We have had so many side stories told and retold as individual movies, and people feel it is tough to film it as one single story.

We do have Peter Brook's rendering of MB. But it cannot count as one mythological story told in same fashion.

Rajaji's Vyasar Virunthu has a tight narrative line and takes it to a logical conslusion without missing the main theme of battle between Good and Evil - Good being symbolized by Pandavas and evil being symbolized by Kauravas. Vyasar Virunthu (VV) must provide for a good source of key story with some of main side stories covered.

The movie production to be viewed as a Mega-Project with a key director as Project Manager. Have a team of directors acting as consultants to various departments. The Project Manager must have the thought process and passion to not spoil original story.

Suresh Krishna can be that Project Manager who manages a tight display of scenes. Manirathnam can provide the screenplay - he is known for his screenplay - short scenes but profound impact. Barathiraja can consult on the rustic and folklore aspects, while Shankar can provide inputs on 'Grandiose' that needs to be handled. K. Balachander can add to the quick-witted and emotional scenes with his touch and dialog.

P.C.Sreeram, Jeeva and Thiru can provide their cameo works with camera. Songs can be rendered by A.R. Rehman, but it is Ilaiyaraja who should be handling the background score.

NTR's MB-related movies should be studied closely to extract the successful elements of mythology that can be retold in a simple fashion that will greatly appeal to the masses across the nation.

The entire trilogy can have sections like this

First one talks about history pertaining to pre Pandava-Kaurava story, and Pandava-Kaurava divide in their youthhood. And all other P-K fights upto their Agyaathavaasam can be captured here.

Part two to tell the story of how Pandava-Kaurava handle Agyaatha vaasam, and cover in major other side stories, and stop at pre-war era.

Part three - rest of the story.

Now coming to the cast:
Preferably not the popular actors. Movie must be devoid of individual glorifications or manners. But if absolutely needed, probably these people --
Karna - Sarathkumar
Arjun - Vikram
Srikrishna - NT Ramarao (Am sorry, cant think of anyone else...bring him in digitally)
Dharma - Sarathbabu
Bheema - Mohanbabu (telugu actor)
Bheeshma - Kamalhassan
Duryodhana - Nasser

It is high time the mythological story of Mahabharath is made into a movie.

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