March 22, 2004

Kasturi Srinivasan Library

Are you an avid reader of books - especially Tamil books? And offlate, you don't have access to lot of Tamizh books apart from what's being sold? Like some of the books, you might want to read but not prefer to buy? Or some books that may be out of print?

Are you in Chennai?

If yes, if you are familiar with Triplicane, come and ask for a membership at "Sri Kasturi Srinivasan Library"

This library is situated on Besant Road - commonly known ICE HOUSE Bus Stand road. There is an SBI ATM and Aavin Milk Parlour. In between the two, there will be a staircase. Climb up. The library is housed in an old house - not dingy - mind you! Very interesting architecture...

This library is very very old and has got fantastic collection of books - old and new - English and Tamil. The library is supported and maintained by a trust which is related to the THE HINDU.

This is NOT a lending library. (More about library in later half of this article)

The library timings are 7:30am-9:00am and 6:30pm-8:00pm.

It is worth becoming a member here. The membership fee is Rs 25 per month. This was hiked recently. When I was a 6th std kid, the membership fee was Rs 10 per month.

You just wont believe the kind of books you will be able to grab here. You get both English and Tamil books. You get lots of Sanskrit books too.

This is a library in a typical Triplicane intellectual time warp.

A visit to library is worth the experience. The library staff are very helpful and there is an elderly person who has keen interest in books and you would be amazed by the collection he has stacked up in the library as an office bearers.

Some of my recent finds -
Ian Fleming's 'Man with a golden gun' - donated by TT Vasu
All of Sujatha's books that have been printed
All of Balakumaran's novels
All Kalki's novels

Be warned : They will ask for reference for membership.

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